-[Roast]- Me A Swine & I Will Do the Hula


Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop
#6 – 1701 Douglas St
Victoria Public Market
Victoria, BC
(778) 433 – 6639

In my many sojourns into the Victoria Public Market, I’ve always walked by Roast with all those lovely pork rinds prancing in the corner of my eyes. I can pick up a Chicharrón (a dish with nothing but these rinds) or get a sandwich with this garnish, but I always pass it by. Yes, I have a weakness for those crunchy delicious delights. When I should watch my weight, resistance was lost to me this day. I finally gave in and ordered their Porchetta sandwich ($9.95). Yes, it’s pricey for a 5″ sandwich but oh the flavour!

Unlike the BBQ Pork that I have from Chinatown, which is basically a rib cage dipped in a vat of hot oil, this one took its time to cook. The herbs added to it while it cooked braised all the way through from the skin, through the fat and into the meat.

When pulled out and put into a sandwich, I was dining on succulence. The juices from the fat and the light lime-like taste was just right. The soft ham was braised with rosemary and fennel. Maybe I’m mixing up the tastes, but the sandwich was more than just a overeater’s delight! I can wolf down two of these in one go because it’s that tasty. The way the sauces played on my tongue shows that my appetite is being teased to beg for more.

I can see this sandwich kicked up a notch if the bread was toasted as well.

Not a lot of greens accompany this meat on a bun, and that’s to be expected. It’s basically a pulled pork sandwich and the meat from the swine speaks for itself. Right now, it’s very loud, saying eat me and I shall. Squee!

Note: Roast has a Superfood Salad Box for those who prefer the vegetarian option. I should have grabbed a salad as well, but I was just breezing through the market this day. In the past, I’ve bought a complete meal and in what I ate, I always feel full, which is a testament to this company wanting to provide a filling deal. I always opt for their feisty kale. But next time, I will have to try a combination of wakame seaweed, black quinoa, mulberries, crimini mushrooms, lentils and cucumbers. If that sounds like a crazy mix, then I will have to experiment. But at Roast, this diner shows they care for all kinds of food eaters, including raptors who can’t make up their mind.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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