Following the Smoke Signals to a New Show in Town

TravelingSmokeThe Traveling Smoke Show
950 Yates St.
Victoria, BC

The Traveling Smoke Show is looking to settle down. Before they operated out of Sooke for a few years, but now they’re in the heart of downtown Victoria and that’s where they want to stay. They’re located across the street from Harris Green Village (replacing Landmark Auto Sales) to ply their own take in designer sandwiches and brand of tastes. One look at their menu, and I was hooked at the thought of what does oyster mayo taste like? When it’s all blended up, the succulent taste is something that I can lap up as easily as the ocean waves washing in. It tastes great by itself and I can sea other uses for it, like in a cucumber only sandwich.

The best way to savour this dressing is to ask for a double dose. I can only wonder what their paprika mayo is like. Can I lap that up all day too and not get a heartburn? Only time will tell as this operation varies its menu on a weekly basis. I’m looking forward to returning just to taste their range of delights. I’m very curious as to what chef Ash Lenick can smoke up next.

IMG_20150519_140511122The old online menu suggests some great ideas, and in what I had to try on the day I visited was their Pork Schnitzel sandwich. It’s certainly a step up from what the Rathskeller offers. There’s more taste to the meat especially when the right kind of toppings are added to it. The cabbage was just lightly pickled and it helped sell this meal. I didn’t find too much of a taste from the onions and the added cilantro certainly helped make this meal filling.

At least the beef salami fries was far too delectable beyond words. I found myself wanting to devour the entire serving, but had to hold back. If James was only around, I would’ve shared, but alas, he went elsewhere before I finally met up with him to hang out. As a choice of dip, while the chalkboard said smoked mustard, a part of myself asked how that could be done? Well, prior to crushing the seeds no doubt, and that helped make for a supple tangy product. Like the oyster, it wasn’t too overpowering and it’s definitely the right condiment to apply with salami.

I look forward to keeping tabs in what else the Smoke Shop offers. Ash told me that he intends on dropping the Traveling part of his company’s name off since this location should be permanent. Who nows, if this operation is to rebrand, perhaps Smoke Shoppe might be better for that old world appeal when a lot of meats were smoked and turned into jerky for long-term storage? Whatever the case, I’m already drooling at the thought of smoked game meat should this operation ever decide to kick it up by fifty notches than five. Either way, I approve of their method, as I can devour anything with that right smoky taste. It followed me all the way home when I was finally able to open my lunch up to eat with utensils in hand.

3½ Blokes out of 5


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