I’m On Board with A Street Car Named New Orleans! But I must leave?

streetcarlogoThis ragin’ cajun is hungry. Whether it be with a po’ boy or with gumbo, I still recall my first exposure to the culinary delights from Louisiana began in Calgary, Alberta. Just what does beef country have to do with down south? well, this good ol’ boy went for the slow roasted New Orleans style sandwich at A Street Car Named New Orleans. To have more eateries featuring the tastes of this southern state is certainly getting my seal of approval!

The slow cooked beef that they prepare is certainly mouth waveringly good. The smoky scents blew me away, and I was lucky to be the first in line to get my lunch before the crowds really came bustling in. The amount offered in one sandwich certainly shows that this operations gives one great value for a ten-dollar bill!

One nitpick I have is with the quality of the tomatoes. Now in a dish like this, not a lot of folks will notice the veggies that’s included. I do, because tomatoes tend to complement beef very well when it’s truly fresh and salted to bring out the tanginess. I could taste the pickle (nothing special) and cheese, but the poor vegetable was drowned out.

At least the toasted french bread is a delight. I love toasted buns over soft ones. The firmer it is the better. That helped make up for what’s missing. I should’ve added some Louisiana hot sauce but as a sandwich I saved to eat for for later, the fresno peppers I added certainly kicked the dining experience up more than a notch. My glasses were fogging! But at least the burn is right. Maybe next time, I’ll pick the pickled products from the pickle jar that this food truck operation had out. I noticed it was labelled Louisiana hot sauce despite seeing other items in there. They looked liked pickled carrots but I was not sure.

I was curious, but I think it’s best not to savour too much in one day.


In what made me rush down was the seafood okra gumbo that was stewing from the early morning. Once I saw the picture on Facebook, I knew I had to rush down!

The crab meat that they had steeping in the soup base was just delectable. It was soft and golden. No extra utensils were required to suck the meat off as it easily comes off the shell when I’m sucking hard enough at the legs. The baby shrimp is an interesting touch. I’m not sure if I fully approve or not, but it helped balance the taste. The smoked sausage that was included certainly made for great contrasts with the okra.

In an operation that moreorless varies their menu on a weekly, if not daily basis, paying attention to their Facebook page is a necessity. Overall, I highly approve of the fixings offered. Just more careful attention to the veggies is needed, and just maybe — if I ask nice — they might offer crawfish or ‘gator one day.

Sept 2015 Update: Sadly, the boys have decided to head home to Louisiana. They enjoyed their time in Victoria, but I guess they wanted to escape the harsh Victoria weather or something else was calling. I wish them the best in whatever their next endeavour is. Should they return, I believe a good part of Victoria will welcome them. They certainly created a following for their food!


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