Who are Ya Gonna Call When Hanks Untraditional BBQ Cooks Up a Storm & A Few Years Later Mysteriously Closes?

hanks-untarditional-bbqHank’s Untraditional BBQ
1001 Douglas St
Victoria, BC
(778) 433-4770

March 9, 2016 Update:
Hanks is back in business at this location! The mystery closure was apparently because they were renovating. 

There are times where I wonder if Unit G2A in the square by the bus stop on Douglas Street is cursed. At least three different eateries existed at this spot in the past eight years, and neither of them lasted long. I recall it as a pizza joint once, a cheese sandwich shop the next and was a BBQ style joint where the fixin’s get tasty. They offer wings, meat on biscuits, BBQ and smoked mains.

I wanted to return to sample more of the latter half of this list but by the time I get a craving to visit, they’re closed! I didn’t find any signs indicating what’s going on but I was concerned. Not many places offer game meat for their dishes and when I am hankering for some, I see the signs say the operation has closed and to keep an eye out on their website for updates. The day after, even that sign is missing! Now all I have to go by is my memory of the Duck Egg Bolognese Pasta.

In what I tried from a while back was a good start. Although the meal wasn’t spectacular (I like my biscuits warm than cold), I could taste the potential from the dish and the scents coming from here was a delight. After what I ate with Biscuit B*tch in Seattle, the bar is set high to find a perfect biscuit in town. I suppose I can forgive Hanks since they’re only a few years old, but I do like my confectionary piece of bread a touch softer than completely hard. The toppings were, however, tasty.

The pickled ingredients were presented Ratatouille style. The pickled daikon, zucchini and carrots were really nice and not overpowering. The cider infused red onion certainly had packed a lot of flavour. The two duck eggs was beautifully cooked sunny side up. Just how they were layered on top with the beans in between certainly made this meal very filling.

With a nice and varied menu, I wanted to return to try more from this place. The only issue was this establishment’s hours. If only they were open when I was in town — often after dinnertime than lunch. When the after dinner hours hit and I’m still in town after an early movie, I looked towards this establishment but they were usually closed. Victoria needs more evening eateries. Sadly, this location has been closed every time I wander by. I hope Hanks opens up elsewhere downtown or reopens.

I really do not get why this particular unit can not keep any operation running during the hours I’m active. Sure, I’m a paranormal investigator and I keep vampyric hours, but still. Could it be haunted? If they need a ghostbuster, I’m a person to call!

To Be Continued

Now that they’re back and the refurbished interior looks great (hopefully with standard sized seats to sit in than massive stools), I just have to be in town during their hours try their rich and varied menu. 



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