Fol Epi and the Yates Street Eater’s Bonanza!

fol epi IMG_4093Fol Epi
732 Yates St,
Victoria, BC
(778) 265-6311

Yates street is truly becoming a diner’s paradise. On one side of the street is Foo Asian Street Food, Hernande’z and Yates Street Taphouse. And on the other side is Cenote, Efes, Brickyard Pizza and Fol Epi, the latter being the latest occupant to a very busy street in what I consider to be the true downtown core of Victoria, BC. James will hate me, but Sushi Plus doesn’t count. They offer cheap Japanese treats, but my experiences here is less than stellar when nearly most of their offerings just does not have the flavour intensity I enjoy.

During the Victoria Film Festival, I found myself coming to Fol for more than just one quick bite. They have sandwiches I can buy on the go, macaroons to sneak into the theatre and a brunch that I should return to sampling. I’m more intrigued with their evening dining, but I have yet to look at their menu. I’m told everything is sourced locally, and that’s enough to get me curious. Next time I’m here, I’ll have to pick up some of their home-made sausages and pepperonis to make sandwiches at home.

Their sandwich board lists their daily specials. On those days I’m feeling rushed and I’m nearby, I’ll default to here to grab a quick bite. I recommend coming here for lunch when the supply is ample. When dinnertime approaches, what’s left is quite limited. The reason why I keep coming back is for the bread. Their baguettes rival Crust Bakery’s and I’m hard pressed to decide which of the two I like more. I tried two of their sandwiches during my time downtown while I was enjoying the Victoria Film Festival. Their variation of a Bánh mì sandwich (made with liverwurst, lettuce and dill carrots) warmed my heart and I craved more afterwards. When the bread is nicely toasted, it did more than keep me going for the night. One of their regular sandwiches, with garlic sausage, onion and dill pickle, can benefit from being warmed. By itself, it’s soft and nice, but it really needs to be toasted so the bread can stand out.

Meat and Bread has stiff competition. While this operation is described by a few of my friends as a hipster operation, I have no problems with that. On this block, both operations sell their sandwiches starting at $9. I’d have to wander elsewhere if I wanted something cheaper. I’d say this block has become a hipsterville anyways. Because of the well paid jobs by employees working in the Atrium building, the diners operating from this block can charge whatever they want. When I’m willing to spend the time, I’ll scrounge up the dimes to get a delectable meal from either sandwich shop. For now, I’m leaning on Fol. As for Sushi Plus, their days are numbered since there’s a lot of nearby places to choose from for bites to eat before a movie. I give them props for being the cheapest place to get a filling meal, but they’ll need to up the ante if they want to draw in fickle eaters like me.

4 Blokes out of 5

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