[Seattle, WA] How to Meditate at Wild Ginger

Wild_Ginger_alternateWild Ginger
1401 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA
(206) 623-4450

It’s easy to become lost in the decision-making process of what to eat at the Wild Ginger. The menu has a delectable smörgåsbord of South Asian-inspired delights and the cocktails are even more savoury. I needed a map to guide me along what I wanted to sample in the temple that I entered into. During the evening, the candle lights made the dining experience like that of going swami entering a pagoda to meditate in.

The Eastern Bramble had me spinning for a loop. That was a strong drink not meant for the weak of heart. In my case, it was not one to start with. My tummy was empty and having some food to dine on first would have helped than sipping the drink right away. To sip that before being given a spring roll, the Buddhas Thumb, to suck on would have made for a huge difference. I will have to admit that the pineapple dipping sauce was delectable and I’d come back just for that alone.


Unlike the greasy deep-fried rolls, I enjoyed nibbling on this vegetarian option to its very core. The cucumber and carrot garnishes were superb in taste and I’m fairly sure these were 100% organic. That alone gives this restaurant my seal of approval.

Even the Wandering Sage was delicious. This soup is essentially a won ton dish and I found the broth was worth meditating over. There was a familiar taste of shrimp and fish stock, and the dish brought back pleasant memories of home, back when my parents made won ton the traditional way, with pork and shrimp. They don’t do that as much these days, and although I could ask, I just roll with some changing natures of Cantonese style comfort food. Sadly, only two prawn dumplings were offered and I wished there was more.


In some ways, I’m glad that these starter dishes are light. I needed room for the Pad Thai dish. The dish was huge and I might have finished it if I didn’t have a lot to eat to begin with. Either my appetite is shrinking or my Buddha is not as large as it was before. In all the delicate flavours I could discern, the tofu was impeccably superb. They must make it fresh every day. Although the dish was over saturated with peanuts, at least I could pick them off with my chopsticks. Sadly, there wasn’t too much to savour from the prawns. They must have yawned their way to the steamer as the meat tasted a bit old.

At Wild Ginger, I think the magic number that parties should arrive in is two than one. Most of these dishes are most likely meant to be shared than built for one. The atmosphere the evening I visited was certainly romantic, the service was very exceptional and the soft lights wanted to take me away.

Although I was tucked away by my lonesome self that night on the upper floor, I felt fine. This restaurant is a place to really relax in and let the sorrows drift away. After a busy day at Emerald City Comicon, being here was the perfect prescription!

4½ Blokes out of 5

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