[Seattle, WA] The Unicorn can Delight a Sweet Tooth & Hardly More


The Unicorn
1118 E Pike St
Seattle, Washington
(206) 325-6492

Perhaps one of Seattle’s strangest operation is a cryptozoological pub is The Unicorn. This watering hole is good for its exotic sweets but the rest of the food is nothing too special. But where else can you say you ate narwhal balls? or had a phallic looking Deep Fried Snickers? Not since Voodoo Doughnut in Portland have I found some surgery Wunderbar goodness.

The food is decent but I can’t recommend this place for its service.

I met up with friends on this recent trip to Seattle for Emerald City Comicon and I asked if we could go here since it came highly regarded amongst locals. Well, my pals live up in Kirkland and I’m an out-of-towner, so maybe that’s why I didn’t feel the vibe right away.

The meals arrived in one confusing order. That is, our server did not know what was being brought out. We stared at the dish before it was decided the plate was mine. Although I took a small bite, it was suddenly realized it was for my friend Devon. Suffice to say he was annoyed and I don’t blame him. A talk with management later and he got a complementary dish.


When hunger struck, I was pining away for a meal that will fill me up. On the menu, the only item that may have come close is the appropriately named Pike/Pine Burger. I guess even confusion for two of Seattle’s two most famous streets can lead to some weird fun but I just don’t know. I’d rather call it by its original name years ago as the Pike St. Burger. I added blue cheese and bacon on top and it could be called the Spiked Pike if I asked for a pickle on top. The patty was good but it did not grab me as meaty. I did not find the overall composition exceptional. I could barely taste the blue cheese and I was wondering where the bacon went.

Both products were unevenly layered so it took a while to find the tastes I so desired in a burger. What I ate tasted more like a Sloppy Joe with no thought to balance the tastes out. Maybe on a good day, this place can output some fab dishes.

On a lazy Sunday, however, the effort just was not there. when considering this bar is outside of downtown Seattle proper (My advice is to not try to walk from the Washington State Convention Centre to here; it’s that far), the only way this place can convince me back is to ride a centaur and hope he’ll not take offence at my intended destination.

2 Blokes out of 5

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