Is Hanks Just “A” Restaurant?


Hanks * A Restaurant
Unit G2A – 1001 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC
(778) 433-4770

I have to wonder if Hank’s in Victoria has separated from the Ucluelet operation which does Untraditional BBQ. Because if they did, that might explain why there’s inconsistency in their product and menu offerings. I’ve noticed on their page no mention of the city operation. Despite my concern, after seeing the Douglas street operation closed for a few weeks, I was glad to see them reopened, with new signage, look and everything.

Yes, they’re open, and no, they did not suffer from the curse this particular space seems to suffer from. On a busy Friday early evening, it was populated with hungry hippos (men) craving drinks and protein. Their Wagyu meat offerings certainly explain why this place is popular. For those who do not know about this particular breed of cattle, they’re known for a marbled fatty texture and are from Alberta.

If they advertised where they got their beef, since this breed of cow is more prominent in Japan, I might be disposed of visiting Hank’s often and ask how easy is it to import Kobe Beef in. I ate it once in California and to borrow George Takei‘s phrase, “Ooohh my!” I’ll certainly come back to sample the variety of meats offered here, but I’m not going to try their pasta anytime again after finding one friend’s dish stiffer than a horny bull. Mind you, if they start offering Rocky Mountain Oysters as part of the mix, I’d be curious and visit more.

I was here with friends before going to a movie at the National Geographic IMAX theatre, and we wanted a quick bite before the film. Sadly, the pasta did not live up to expectations. It was undercooked and had to be returned. Fortunately, the cheeseburger fared better. It was a delectable greasy mess that was divided up and I was craving more than just a taste. I’ll have to try that the next time I decide to visit.


However, I was hungry for ribs. This place does live up to its former name-based reputation for smoking the hell out of their meats. I loved the great flavour. Hints of applewood could be tasted. I had a full rack of meat from Sloping Hill (Two Rivers) which included hush puppies. Fortunately, these are nearly impossible to make wrong. All the cook has to do is deep fry it until tender and fluffy. I was using them to wipe the tart sauce off my plate. The small amount of greens offered was uninspired and it makes me wonder if Hanks should simply just focus on meats and nothing else.

The service was spotty. Our server was more quick to rush off when my group was noting issues with their meals. I can’t say I blame him. I like to learn if they are still related with the other operation.

I had to chuckle at the fact their menu was hand-written during the visit. By now, they’ve gone to a printed one and as for how well this operation can do with some of the name brand recognition, only time will tell. Their menus have changed somewhat from what I recall from my other visit years ago, and hopefully, they can find consistency.

3 Blokes out of 5

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