Ayo-oooga! Let’s Set Sail to Indonesian Styled Fast Food

ayo IMG_20151020_160902535_HDRAyo Eat
Market Square
Unit 140 – 560 Johnson St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-4231

If Indonesian food simply means adding prawn chips to the dish then I’m sold! Ayo operates out of a corner space in Market Square and the small space should not be a deterrent when the space downstairs is a stage to sit, snack and relax in. In any season, this hub is a nice place to visit. I miss it; I frequented this space more in my youth during the early 90’s when Island Fantasy Comic Shop occupied the lower quarters beneath this food operation. Ever since they closed their doors, I don’t frequent this space as often.

When I do come down, it’s because of Oh Sugar! across the street or to hit Camera Traders. And once in a while, I will stop by for waffles at Wannawafel. On this stop, I finally had to check out what the rage is about at Ayo and aiyee, what have I missed? Their spring rolls are mouth-wateringly delicious, and it’s not the type one thinks of. It’s all made with natural garden ingredients, with cilantro I highly approve of. The homemade peanut sauce that’s offered is what makes this dish a perfect snack for a vegetarian. Mind you, I hardly tasted the egg, as the menu suggests, in this dish.

ayo IMG_20151017_131052710

It’s comparable and slightly cheaper in what I loved the taste of the buddha roll I ate at Wild Ginger in Seattle. The hearty bit of tofu that makes up this roll’s center defines this delight. As for my main course, the Nasi Gorend Ayam, where should I start? I think the way the egg is fried up defines this dish. The way the egg whites get crisped up by the peanut oil says a lot about the style of how this dish is made up. I lapped up every bit of the slightly molten yolk as it seeped up to coat the rice in simple ways. The mild pickle gave the meal a neat distinction of how cultures present their dishes. If this is how Indonesian / Thai food traditionally gets made up, I’ll be back for more!

4 Blokes out of 5

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