[Burnaby, BC] Yaguchiya Ramen has a secret …

Yaguchiya Ramen
4679 Kingsway St,
Burnaby, BC

Hours: 11am to 3:30pm, 5-9:30pm
Phone: (604) 620-4679

… and they are willing to tell noodle lovers one of their recipes “of toppings for nice ramen.” Okay, the grammar is odd, but I suspect the image I took makes up their soup base and this revelation will have many reproduce it at home. I doubt this will work for instant ramen (we have sake for that) but for properly refrigerated noodles, to have that perfect broth defines the experience.

I’m enjoying this freedom to discovery establishments when travel lust hits. James R. Shaw to do his research than take chances. For me, I simply look at a map and either decide or roll a die than to depend on what other people say. I’ll gladly ask afterward, but definitely not before! After a long day checking out Metropolis at Metrotown, I did not want to simply visit the food court. Instead, I walked across the street to sample one of a handful of diners occupying this street block.

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Ayo-oooga! Let’s Set Sail to Indonesian Styled Fast Food

ayo IMG_20151020_160902535_HDRAyo Eat
Market Square
Unit 140 – 560 Johnson St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-4231

If Indonesian food simply means adding prawn chips to the dish then I’m sold! Ayo operates out of a corner space in Market Square and the small space should not be a deterrent when the space downstairs is a stage to sit, snack and relax in. In any season, this hub is a nice place to visit. I miss it; I frequented this space more in my youth during the early 90’s when Island Fantasy Comic Shop occupied the lower quarters beneath this food operation. Ever since they closed their doors, I don’t frequent this space as often.

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