[Burnaby, BC] Yaguchiya Ramen has a secret …

Yaguchiya Ramen
4679 Kingsway St,
Burnaby, BC

Hours: 11am to 3:30pm, 5-9:30pm
Phone: (604) 620-4679

… and they are willing to tell noodle lovers one of their recipes “of toppings for nice ramen.” Okay, the grammar is odd, but I suspect the image I took makes up their soup base and this revelation will have many reproduce it at home. I doubt this will work for instant ramen (we have sake for that) but for properly refrigerated noodles, to have that perfect broth defines the experience.

I’m enjoying this freedom to discovery establishments when travel lust hits. James R. Shaw to do his research than take chances. For me, I simply look at a map and either decide or roll a die than to depend on what other people say. I’ll gladly ask afterward, but definitely not before! After a long day checking out Metropolis at Metrotown, I did not want to simply visit the food court. Instead, I walked across the street to sample one of a handful of diners occupying this street block.

This mall is no stranger to new food franchise operations. I saw a coming soon sign — Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake. Yes, I have to return over the summer to see if Beard Papa should be worried.


Getting back to the ramen, the presentation is simple, the aromas a delight and the texture all so mouth-watering. They can be improved upon with your standard upgrade options, from corn to poached vinegar egg. I had the spicy ramen, and the combination of heat to succulent char sip just floored me. The heat was gently simmering and I just could not stop savouring the soup base (perhaps enhanced with siracha) at every bite. Very rarely will I find a broth that is perfection.


Whenever I decide to hit this sector of the lower mainland, I must make a point of returning. They easily beat Kuma back home. For ambiance, there isn’t much to soak in. You’re here for 25 to 40 mins, tops and continue on. I particularly liked seeing a TV screen playing anime. I get the sense a family recipe is used and they stand a brighter future than the other Ramen Jinya, located on the opposite side. Although I see both are busy, the question is trendy versus down home. As one of the staff told me, this branch is not as good as the downtown Vancouver operation. Having a swanky place does not make great food. If the soul is not there, then you’ll never experience the love in the food the cooks prepare en masses for hungry ramen lovers like me.

5 Blokes out of 5


One thought on “[Burnaby, BC] Yaguchiya Ramen has a secret …

  1. give me FISH & CHIPS instead


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