La Taqueria Pinche vs La Taquisa


Victoria‘s La Taquisa is facing stiff competition with Vancouver‘s La Taqueria Pinche now on the island. The former operation has two seafood offerings (cod and shrimp), the latter has one (albacore tuna). As for beef, the latter has three different cuts to choose from: flank, cheeks and tongue. I’m in bovine heaven! The only thing our home-grown operation offers, in addition, are burritos and even then I’m not sure that’s enough for me to be loyal.

Ever since I visited their Broughton street operation and had a few sloppily made tacos, I never had the desire to go back. Back when they were a food truck style operation at Cook St., better care and attention to the product was made. I’m fairly sure I lost my custom (matching frame) sunglasses there and none of the staff were all that helpful when I returned to check. This happened a few years ago, and I left feeling unimpressed.

At least in this new place, the attitude was very friendly. I was drawn in due to the offer on their sandwich board of six pieces for the price of four ($10) because it was taco Wednesday. At close to $18, which included a bottle of pop and tip, that’s not too bad. They start your order at the counter with a welcoming smile and deliver the plates to you at your table. The tacos arrived with a slice of lime and a hearty serving of your choice of protein. I went for two of each from different parts of the cow. Of the three, I loved De Cachete the most. The texture of the bovine cheeks was very satisfying. All of them were served with minced white onions and a sprinkle of cilantro. The vegan options come with corn, and next time, I’ll have to give these a try.


I could have piled my tacos high with condiments, but then, the tiny wraps would not fold. The variety was simple, pickled red onions, cauliflower, red peppers and thickly sliced jalapeños. There were salsas labelled at ascending levels of hotness and my glasses could have fogged up if I went crazy. I did for one taco but left the rest mild.

One detail I liked here that not many other operations consider are the doubling up on the tortilla shell. It’s needed to hold everything piled onto it. The shell did not break apart. The Duncan-based Taco Revolution can learn a thing from this company since when I tried one of theirs during LANtasy, what I ate became a sloppy mess like La Taquisa.

My search continues for the perfect taco place. Not many operations offer guacamole and either I missed it, or that will not be offered until later. This place has only been in operation for about three months.

However to be on top or be truly authentic to the Pre-Colombian world, I’m wondering when a taco operation will serve edible bugs to the masses? The early culture, before the Spanish occupation, did subsist off the land with creatures like caterpillars and worms. After watching Bugs on the Menu last weekend, I chatted with director Ian Toews about how common these bug tacos are. They are made in outlying communities, more to the south of the region than north or in Mexico City proper, but I’m now on the hunt! I’m craving a grasshopper taco! Can anyone oblige?

4 Blokes out of 5

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