Travelling North of the 48th in Victoria is Worth the Crossing

north48restaurantNorth 48
1005 Langley St
Victoria, BC
(250) 381-2428

Some bistros like North 48 are worth revisiting time and time again, and I’m glad I’m a resident of these parts so I don’t have to deal with border security! I arrived here with friends who were visiting from up island, and since we could not decide in where to dine, we hit the first place that looked good and there ye be, we sat down to marvel at a fancy menu with tastes from different ports of call. There’s the traditional French fair, Japanese delights and the odd Mexican. Well, I honestly could not decide. Should I go for the Octopus Tacos, Corn Dog Bites and French Onion Soup as my meal?

The service was very friendly here, and we couldn’t decide right away in what we wanted. I was torn between something fusion or going for a traditional European-style meal.

North 48 IMG_20150731_175523532_HDR

Eventually, I opted for the Steak Frites! To read at the menu’s tease about the fact that they’re coated in truffle oil set my heart on fire, and I was in love. I’ll have to return another day to try the exotic items here when I have more money. At this place, the prices are on the steep side.

Although my idea of these potato slices should be thin and elegant, what this place cuts them up as were thick and hearty. They served more than an ample supply to fuel me up and I struggled to polish off the plate. But somehow, I managed to. To top it all off, when my other friends offered me a chance to taste the tempura pickles (she’s a light eater), I had to check out this fusion invention and it was certainly delightfully crisp while retaining the flavour of a cool product.

North 48 IMG_20150731_183011534_HDR

The dessert that I had, rum balls, was certainly delicious; it was more than I could take and although I offered them to my friends, I guess they were less daring than I since we didn’t want to be too intoxicated to take on the spooky challenge that awaited us nearby. My friend Shelby wanted to try the Haunted Escape that was a few doors away, and while we didn’t manage to escape in time, I was ready to hit up another place afterwards to saté my appetite for more sweets. Hm, Beavertails anyone?

4 Blokes out of 5

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