2016 Feast: Food & Film Begins June 17, 2016!

June 17 & 18, and June 24 & 25.

Vic Theatre
808 Douglas St
Victoria, BC

Victoria Distillers
9891 Seaport Pl
Sidney, BC

Phillips Backyard
2010 Government St
Victoria, BC

The Victoria Film Festival’s Foodie Food Festival is now known as FEAST: Food & Film and it’s back for a fourth year, offering a new course in its evolution. Much like a restaurant and dining experience, you can’t have the same meals over and over again. The visit has to be different over time. Once held at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, the venue will also change too. This event will be running for over two weekends in June, beginning mid-month. I’m unsure of which films I want to truly hit (my budget is being saved for an upcoming Summer convention and unfortunately I have to be scaling back), but it’s a safe bet Pulp Fiction will be first and foremost!

Kicking it off on Friday, June 17th at the Vic Theatre is Sour Grapes, a documentary analysing the biggest vintage wine scandal known in modern times. Although nobody was wise to Rudy Kurniawan’s schemes, he quickly earned a reputation of a wine savant. His collection catches the attention of high society’s elite connoisseurs. But Bill Koch, a top US collector, and, Laurent Ponsot, a Burgundian wine producer, are suspicious.

Can viewers figure out this mystery? Can they tell which brands are better than others? How good are your taste buds? De Vine Vineyards will be testing your taste buds with a selection of high-end Canadian-made cheese. Just how many people will agree or disagree will depend on how knowledgeable you are. Andrew Moyer from Ottavio Italian Bakery & Delicatessen and Lori Palmiere from Dairy Farmers of Canada will talk about why wine and cheese always go well together. I’m salivating already!

On Saturday, June 18th, The Missing Ingredient will look at a tale of two Manhattan, New York restaurants: Gino’s, an Upper East Side fixture which has operated for more than six decades, and Pescatore, a Midtown staple on Second Ave since 1993. They both face stiff competition as the neighbourhood changes. Time has not been kind, as tastes change. To pair with this film, spirits from de Vine will be offered along with meatballs that even Mario can enjoy. Several restaurants will be making their own signature style pieces and they will be offered. I’m hoping Pagliacci’s will be involved!


For next weekend, the event moves up to Sidney, BC. Empire of Scents will be screened at the Victoria Distillers (9891 Seaport Pl) location on the waterfront. The nose knows, and Academy Award-nominated director Kim Nguyen (Rebelle) will guide viewers on this journey that’s inspired by sommelier Francois Chartier’s book, Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food, Wine, and Flavor (available on Amazon). Questions are raised, and just how we can train our nose to recognise the difference between a fresh and foul is just one aspect this story will explore. Will aromatherapy be explored? It’s said some scents can help take the blues away.

Cocktails will be offered from Victoria Distillers and hors-d’oeuvre from Toque Catering will be offering up snacks. In my case, I better hit a different operation before this film, since I’ll be bear awakening from hibernation. I need a feast of enormous proportions should I attend this movie.

At least for the final night, loading up on hamburgers, milkshakes and beer are sure to easily please. Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 classic, Pulp Fiction, will screen in the Phillips Backyard at Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. (2010 Government St) on Saturday, June 25th. Technically, the huge parking lot will be cleared out and a giant screen will be set up to play this movie.

Coast Lunchbox will be selling ‘Royales with Cheese’ and Jackson Ice Cream will be making milkshakes available for purchase. Tickets include a Phillips beer and a hypodermic shooter. Oak Bay Bikes will have an on-site bike valet and attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs. This event is cash only, so bring plenty of money, and thankfully a bus stop is nearby for those imbibed to get home.

Ticket prices vary $20-$29. All events 19 and older. Full details are available at feastfoodfilm.ca.


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