[Vancouver, BC] Breakfast at Scoozis Bar & Grill

Scoozis Bar and Grill
Scoozis Vancouver IMG_0431445 Howe St,
Vancouver, BC
(604) 684-1009

J: On a holiday weekend in Vancouver, one would think many places would still open for business given this city’s rather large population. Much to my chagrin, there were two options: Starbucks and a local Italian eatery called Scoozis. I bet you can guess what location I chose. And I’ll also bet you know how that decision turned out.

E: I recall having problems finding breakfast outside of my hotel from a previous trip. When I’m staying near the Vancouver Convention Center, it’s even worse. In this visit, especially when considering Canada Day was a few days ago, well it’s time to simply go for what’s open. I could have suggested a Vietnamese place that I tried years before, but I absolutely had no interest in returning there. Fortunately, the Italian flavour can have me shouting, “Che bello!”

J: If it is too cold to eat on the patio, then you can sit inside at one of Scoozis many small square tables for two or find yourself a cozy booth. Ed and I lucked out. There was a booth next to the front window. I could eat as I watched Vancouver city life. I didn’t want a heavy breakfast. Scoozis vegetarian deep dish sounded perfect for my delicate stomach. They do carry different cereals but if I’m to visit another restaurant in another city, I want their best creations.

Scoozis Vancouver IMG_0436

E: And before I could say where’s the bacon, the ham drew me in instead in their ‘Famous Scoozis Pizza.’ I’m sure I could have ordered that as a side if I wanted to, but until I have my caffeine fix in the morning. I will not have woken up yet. So why did I get grapefruit juice then? Oh yeah, it was freshly squeezed! You can’t beat that!

J: I was happy with my orange juice but happier when the deep dish arrived. It was beautifully presented. As far as the flavour was concerned, there was an unevenness in how spicy the meal was. I was finding pockets here and there that sent my taste buds reeling. It would’ve been nice if that level of flavour could have come from a more even preparation.

E: So if I was to plant a few ghost peppers, I’m sure James would not notice. I’ve tricked him before to challenge his tolerance with truly hot and spicy. I  thought he could man up, but I guess in this case, it’s not wise to wake a man with a bomb. The result could be messy. Although try as I might to eat my breakfast pizza with a fork and knife, I had to dive right in with my hands to savour the intricate taste. The blend of mozzarella, ham and spinach were quite nice. I wished there were more tomatoes added. However, when considering the season, I’m surprised they didn’t have a mini garden out back to pick them fresh and plump.

Scoozis Vancouver IMG_0434

J: But it is always the season for food lovers. And maybe it was our girth or perhaps a number of times we brought our cameras out from the deep recesses of our lint filled pockets but we were given a desert, compliments of the house. It was a plate with freshly cut fruit lightly covered in a honey with a touch of orange citrus. The plate was lightly dusted with paprika. Is desert really served in

It was a plate with freshly cut fruit lightly covered in a honey with a touch of orange citrus. The plate was lightly dusted with paprika. Is desert really served in Rome after breakfast? If So I could get used to this.


I think that means we will have to visit Italy to find out, James. I’m looking forward to the trip, but can either of us handle the humid Mediterranean climate upon arriving? It would be like a sauna to two men such as us. I’m sure we could survive if we are less attired in our travels of the great Italian city. Can we get arrested for wearing towels?

4½ Blokes out of 5

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