[Vancouver, BC] It’s Not Hard to Put on a Smile on Camera


Smile Diner
424 W Pender St

Vancouver, BC
(604) 681-9911

E: Smile, you’re on candid camera! In this case, that’s the name of this diner that has been used in many a television production. This operation certainly has a vibe to being used in front of a camera. One such show that’s been said to have featured this diner is Delete, a sci-fi drama that featured Janet Kidder, Jaylee Hamidi, Jessica Lee, and Mike Azevedo. Another program was Caprica and I’m sure if you look carefully, its exterior might be noticed from afar in productions like CW’s Arrow.

I may have to start looking back at programs filmed in Vancouver just to see what other shows used this pleasant and cozy place. For me, it was like going back in time to a simpler place for some good ole’ fashioned eats.

J: I couldn’t help but notice it was like a 50’s diner but decorated in 80’s retro. They even have a poster of Sylvester Stallone I have never seen. I scanned the customers but saw no Peter Pan boots or acid wash jeans. But I agree with Ed, it was cozy. Our host was a young woman. She was quick, courteous but yet displayed a bit of sass. I liked her right away and I’m sure she will go far in whatever she sets her mind to.

I felt like having a heavy breakfast and ordered their daily special of eggs Benedict and homemade hash browns. The Benedict was on the menu but as part of a daily special they were a dollar off the price ($8.95).

E: I should roll my eyes at this point in this dialogue, that’s what you get when your best friend is a Scot. Mind you, I didn’t want anything fancy and scanned the menu for the cheapest thing I could find that could fill me up. At $6.95 their basic breakfast certainly did the job, and that’s surprising … normally I need more than two eggs, two pieces of bacon and two slices of toast to fuel me up.

What’s wrong with me? At least I’m losing weight… James’ waistline typically doubles whenever we head out-of-town for some kind of adventure.


J: Yet my waistline recedes when we arrive back home. I blame Ed for all of it. I was going to compare their eggs Benedict to other establishments in my many journeys from Saltspring Island to the Empress Hotel.

But I found it didn’t rank with anything I’ve previously eaten and that isn’t a good thing. The hollandaise sauce was runny and there was a noticeable buttery taste to the benedict which turned me off my food. The saving grace was a soft bun with ham that wasn’t excessively fatty. The hash browns were nicely cooked and had a beautiful golden brown taste…on one side. The other side was actually undercooked and was soft and mushy. I don’t know why there was a rush to cook the hash browns because the diner was only a quarter full.

E: Technically, there is nothing to rave about for my meal. It was very basic. No garnishes were used and I ultimately peppered everything on my plate just to give it some extra taste. The hash browns were certainly very crunchy, just the way I like it and I had to squeeze some Heinz ketchup for some extra taste. For the price, this place is quite decent. I’d go here over Denny’s any day of the year.

I should add that this place does Chinese. So this place is deserving for a revisit to check out that menu. Preferably for dinner than brunch.

J: And this place will get a revisit from the Two Hungry Blokes. And yes, I would choose this place over Denny’s any day if only to support a local independent business. Because in the end supporting your community is what it means by being a part of it.

3 Blokes out of 5

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