[Vancouver, BC] It’s Not Hard to Put on a Smile on Camera


Smile Diner
424 W Pender St

Vancouver, BC
(604) 681-9911

E: Smile, you’re on candid camera! In this case, that’s the name of this diner that has been used in many a television production. This operation certainly has a vibe to being used in front of a camera. One such show that’s been said to have featured this diner is Delete, a sci-fi drama that featured Janet Kidder, Jaylee Hamidi, Jessica Lee, and Mike Azevedo. Another program was Caprica and I’m sure if you look carefully, its exterior might be noticed from afar in productions like CW’s Arrow.

I may have to start looking back at programs filmed in Vancouver just to see what other shows used this pleasant and cozy place. For me, it was like going back in time to a simpler place for some good ole’ fashioned eats.

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A Touch of Nostalgia

Barb & Ed’s Drive In
601 Basin St NW
Ephrata, Washington
(509) 754-2037

It’s amazing in what I can notice when my name is out there in lights and cruising down Basin St. Okay, I don’t really own this diner or even cook here, but I can dream.

Apparently this place reopened not too long ago, and locals have praised it’s return. As a fellow Ed, I have to applaud more than just that.

This place was probably once a real drive-in at some point in time, and there’s an atmosphere in here that’s reminiscent of an era long gone. It has a very simplistic casual vibe that I could just feel by looking around. I’m at home, even though the eyes say otherwise.

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