[Vancouver, BC] Going Back in Time with The Templeton

Templeton3The Templeton Restaurant
1087 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 685-4612

E: Lining Granville Street are numerous eateries of various design. When James wants to go cheap, he certainly knows how to find ’em, and sometimes I feel reluctant to go the route of just the basics, ma’am. In a diner that’s been around since the 20th century (the 1940s), that’s not too much of a bad thing.

For a late night snack, I can appreciate The Templeton for what it is. But I will have to give James the evil eye for not being willing to put up with the lineups at the Fritz European Fry House cause I was tempted by the New York style presentation of what looked like delicious fries… the only deterrent was my appetite since James could eat a whale, and I was thinking of splitting the order.

J: Templeton has seen better days and it must have been truly glorious 60 years ago but Ed and I were generations late. I just wanted to get off Granville. The club crowd on Granville is 10 times what one would see back home in Victoria. To be honest, I didn’t know how to handle it. And since we were planning on breakfast at Templeton’s at one point it appeared to be a good idea to take refuge.

But stepping inside was like going from dark to dark. Why do they keep it so poorly lit at night is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they want to leave less of a carbon footprint. But all I know is if I want to sit in a dimmed restaurant I would’ve gone to a fancy French restaurant then a diner straight out of a time warp.

E: That makes me wonder how James survived security work but I digress. I suppose the Templeton is okay for good ol’ fashioned food. Their menu made me want to do the doo-wop, and I wondered how that has changed over the years. At $3.50 for a bowl of soup, that wasn’t too bad. Their soup of the day was a tomato soup and it tasted quite good with olive croutons crushed on top.

Templeton2J: I settled for a milkshake which was advertised as the best milkshake in the world. It was definitely tasty but it was far from the best. I’ll wait until I try milkshakes at Marv’s Classic Soda Shop, which claims they use original malt shop recipes before I make a final decision. But here our server gave me the milkshake in the mixing tin which is what Marble Arch did. If this is tradition then I need to do my research. I was given both spoon and straw. It was smooth but not entirely mixed. There was still crushed ice left behind. Instead of slurping I was chewing.

E: I had no complaints with what I had. The tomato soup is nothing like how Pagliacci’s serves it back home with a lot of love and comfort, but here, I suspect this place is more like a diner for the working class.

J: This place bears more investigating. I would love to have lunch or dinner here the next time I’m in Vancouver. Perhaps in a better light, I can see more of the decor. I loved the table top with postcards from tropical-themed eateries long past. I haven’t heard of the Chi Chi Bar since Bob Hope referenced it in a joke on his Swan Soap radio programme. It just goes to show my tastes and that perhaps I would’ve been a regular at Templeton decades ago if given the chance. All I need now is a time portal or a TARDIS to leave this timeline forever.

2 Blokes out of 5

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