[Victoria Fringe Festival 2016] Miss Atomic Vaudeville’s Sunday Funday? A Recap

AV-Sunday-Funday-1008x756Atomic Vaudeville’s (AV) Sunday Funday at the Victoria Fringe Festival is a highlight for many local veterans acquainted with the craziness that goes on. This event has been a staple for many years, and it’s a highlight for most long time Fringers. They advise this show is a must see! This event brings the talent pool from this organization along with some performers from this year’s show, to put on a fun-filled night that runs approximately 90 minutes, starting around 11pm. Doors open at 10:30. and last night, it was a full house at the Victoria Event Center.

From reinterpretations of 50 Shades of Grey ala Doctor Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham to World Wrestling Entertainment mash-ups (with Jeff Leard present), attendees will thrill to and cheer. Even the Birdman stripped down to his skivvies all in the name of trying to bring the house down. This show is a fundraiser to build a fund to keep the Victoria Fringe Festival going for years to come. The highlight is a Pink Floyd musical mash-up with the dancers providing a light show (using flashlights) set to music from “The Wall” and ending with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Artistic Producer Britt Small and Actress Amanda Lisman (Suits, American Gods) served as MCs. They introduced many fantastic acts and names. The duo also got hip-hop with acknowledging what’s hitting the pop culture scene. Let’s just say I was thrilled to see Pokemon get an opening act that made me grin. James Shaw, you better be ready to eat your hat; the mobile game phenomenon is even being acknowledged by AV and Pikachu made an appearance to try and catch the audience. Familiar names like Wes Borg appearing (with his mother, presumedly) and Mike Delamont (as God Is a Scottish Drag Queen) were present to really put a shine on this year’s show. As much as I like to give a full recap, I’m just going to let the photographs I took tease at and reveal some of the fun. More people must attend! Without it, the Victoria Fringe Festival experience is not as complete.

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Atomic Vaudeville is an award-winning performance company based in Victoria, British Columbia. The company was founded by Small and Richmond in 2004 with the production of a monthly cabaret show that has become a beloved cult hit in Victoria, BC.

Since its inception in 2004, AV has produced over 60 cabaret shows in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, and Bellingham, and worked with over 200 local and visiting artists. Besides cabarets, Atomic Vaudeville has produced the plays Ride The Cyclone, The Qualities of Zero,Legoland, The History of Everything, and Circus Fire in Toronto, Seattle, Bellingham, Prague, New York, Victoria and Vancouver.


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