Part and Parcel Hits Home & Out of the Park!


Part and Parcel
2656 Quadra Street
Quadra Village
Victoria, BC
(778) 406-0888

Quadra Street Village keeps on changing with the times and my pal, James Shaw, is being left behind. That is, he does not keep up with what’s happening here as much. I’m here a bit more often than he because this particular Fairway Market is the largest operation out of those I’ve been to (unlike others, and before Shelbourne got theirs built, they have a fully functional kitchen) and Epic Games is here. With Pokémon GO being all the rage, I have reason to be here more often. It’s a Clefairy paradise, and I was smitten with love for the newest eatery to set up shop here. On this special occasion, the Victoria Fringe Festival is taking place with The Roxy aka Blue Bridge Theatre as an official venue, and I knew I had to return to this particular establishment!

Part and Parcel is aptly named for daily specials that can easily be packed up for lunch later on or to eat on the go. I was greeted with a smile, since I was recognized as not being a regular, and the service was great even on a busy day. Their menu often changes, so like hunting Pokémon, what you find coming back does not necessarily have to be the same ol’ same ol’.

While waiting for James to show up, I arrived early to hunt for food and pocket monsters. I found more joy with the former because the sandwich was worth salivating over. The blend of kamut fried chicken, coleslaw, bread and butter pickles (made in-house!) and Glenwood Meats bacon (I suspect) made my taste buds do the rumba. My mouth could not stop chewing and I was planting my teeth in the soft bread before I could finish my first swallow! I’ve never been a fan of pickles that pack a wallop of sourness. What they made was so gentle, it was like being kissed on the nose by a little fairy and I giggled.


I want more of this sandwich, and I think coming back once every two weeks is required. The operation does not have a lot of space, so getting your meals to go is highly recommended. When the Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre at The Roxy has a show going on, a lot of the dining establishments in Quadra Village will be busy! On an off night, I’m sure I can sit for a spell to enjoy what this neighbourhood has become.

Rocky Horror Show played at the Roxy back in the days. It was a jump to the left to recall the school I went to for a year, and a step to the right to remember the strip mall used to have a bowling alley which later became a grocery store. But with a hand on my hips, I just don’t recall all the businesses which once operated when I was no longer a resident of this neighbourhood. To exactly remember what existed here in the past requires making a time warp, or I just ask James.

His tales always makes me laugh. Perhaps he’s an evolved real life form of the virtual reality Pokémon I’ve been chasing, the Clefable. Both are chubby and prefer to have a simple life. When coming back to the village, I can see why. The food has become nothing but simple staples amped up a notch, and fortunately that does not include my belt size!

4½ Blokes out of 5

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