[Seattle, WA] Getting drunk on Sazerac

IMG_20160407_205656540Sazerac Restaurant
1101 4th Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 624-7755

Once the ragin’ Cajun in me saw the Sazerac offered upscale Southern (Louisiana) inspired food, I knew I had to make this place a must during my next visit to Seattle! As I stay in different hotels, I like to explore what’s nearby instead of walking to another district for my usual grub. This city has more wide and varied tastes within reach in the downtown core than any other I’ve been to. While my knowledge is mostly centered around feasting in either Emerald City or Hollywood North, there’s a reason why I love living in the Pacific Northwest. The access to seafood is immediate and fresh.

I think both cities have eateries that are worthy of earning at least a star in the Michelin guide. That book is not the be all end all for diners looking for new and exotic tastes. At this place, their Buttermilk Panna Cotta is an Italian dish that I could eat forever! The strawberry foam settled upon my lips like an air nymph and I was sent to heaven with how added basil cream made my tongue dance. A symphony with little gelatinous berry nubs was playing hallelujah in my mouth!


My main meal itself, a Pan Seared Sea Bass was just as inspired. Although I do not think this fish is a regular staple of southern cuisine, I let my instincts guide me to find the best in what’s presented instead of going after traditional dishes the common folk ate. I hesitated in diving in and just wanted to admire my main course like a painting. I loved how the dill made the fish and shrimp stand out. The mix of cabbage and leeks provided some needed crisp to the soft meat. The tanginess of the tomatoes was too strong at first but I got used to it by the fourth bite.

My starter dish, a duck liver mousse and cherry balsamic, was certainly very nice. The rustic bread helped hold the pâté and I just wanted to slowly savour the delight before tackling the main course. I could have ordered the duck fat fries, but that would have set me back more than what my budget would allow for on this trip. I dined like a spoiled Prince during this visit and next time, I’ll have to be a pauper. I plan on ordering the traditional staples of catfish and gumbo.


While I enjoy spoiling myself during vacation, I do have to watch my budget. I could have easily bought five discounted graphic novels at a comic book store with what I spent. Fortunately, The “snacks” are reasonably priced. I could have gone for the maple bacon popcorn easily. The duck fat fries would be another dish I’d go gaga for. But be warned, some of their signature dishes, especially the tomahawk rib eye steak, is the price of a concert ticket. To understand why this meat is expensive requires knowing how the cow was raised and how marbled her meat is. The fact part of the rib is still attached says something! I saw another table get served this dish and my eyes bulged!

Next time, I’m putting more money in my food budget.

The service was very friendly and I’ll be glad to come back for more because I’m certainly interested in trying out the other dishes. When vacationing, I usually do not want to limit myself to visiting the same establishment throughout my stay. In the years I’ve been making Seattle my destination for all things nerdy, only The Crab Pot and Japonessa has my seal of must revisit (when I can afford it). I still want to find a place that serves decent crawfish, and I’m surprised this place didn’t offer this or ‘gator. While this place offers upscale dining, hopefully, I don’t have to travel far for the basic fare of chitlins, maw or grits.

Honestly, I should just head down to Louisiana for Mardi Gras.

4 Blokes out of 5

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