[Seattle, WA] Good Golly, I Miss Going to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream
(Multiple Locations)
Seattle, WA

The only difference between Victoria, BC’s Cold Comfort operation to Seattle, WA’s Molly Moon’s is perhaps the latter has several operations than one. The quality of the cream is similar (both are hand-crafted in store), the service is super friendly and the variety … perhaps the same. During a wet Pacific Northwest night, the craving for ice cream certainly hit me.

Now that summer is here, I’m reflecting on which ice cream parlors I miss. Both operations have a cozy place to hang out in, and I have to say they are equal in exceptional variety and quality!

Sustainability is key to both operation’s success. While there were issues with my home-based operation not able to provide exacting details to satisfy the Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirement to provide sufficient labeling to sell in groceries, I’m sure at Molly Moon’s they could if they wanted to.

It was a few months ago I got to sample the Grapefruit Rosemary Sorbet. While the sound of the flavour sounds good, the taste did not have the right notes to it. After touching on the Honey Lavender, I was certainly floating on a garden pond and wanting warm days to last forever.

I had far too much sprinkles put over the ice-cream. I should have asked for a light dash than to say okay to a heavy coat. I ate my ice cream like a tootsie roll, going for the crunch in most of my licks and finally achieving a soft velvety core to savour.

I definitely like to return to taste their other seasonal delights, but my Summer travel plans have been made. I might do a day-trip to nerd-central though. I find more great geeky events taking place here than in Vancouver as a whole. And to get my ice cream fix, a closer location exists within the Capital Hill district. Depending on which hotel I stay at, the walk there and back will certainly burn off the calories.

4½  Blokes out of 5


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