Ox King Noodles is Worth Mooing Over

ox-king-noodlesOx King Noodles
780 Fisgard St
Victoria, BC

Phone: (778) 967-1022

J: After what was a great night on the town thanks in part to Capital 6 (now risen from the cinematic grave) and Starbucks on the corner of Fort and Blanshard, I was in a particular mood. As a single man would ask his date in for a nightcap I was looking to do the same with the food scene. There is a place I would walk by but would miss opportunities to investigate, Ox King Noodles.

Why it’s called that, I don’t know but I’m going to take a guess it has something to do with an astrological sign. But with Ox King Noodles one doesn’t need to see a sign to eat it, the smells should be enough.

E: I have often walked by this operation during my visits to the Victoria Public Market, and no, I was not James’ date. We both were craving Asian style noodles. Whether as pho’ or as ramen, the ox certainly delivers! I loved the noodles offered in their Vietnamese dishes. The kansui gave it a great chewy texture, and the meat slices had all the right notes for me to moo over.

J: I had the Chongqing spicy noodles which was beef shank with vegetables served in a spicy sauce. Now I knew I could be in for some trouble with the word “spicy” if it is of the level of what you would find outside North America. I asked for mild, just in case this was the real deal. I didn’t want to be thrashing about on the floor and create a potential YouTube viral video. My judgement this time was bang on, because I don’t think I could have endured the medium setting.

E: I was positively steaming, in a good way. The brisket was bang on with its cut (portion size) and ratio of meat to fat. If only they added more! The vegies were a nice touch, gently crisp and the fluid — again, the texture was just right and while I also had the mild, my tolerance for spice is different from my buddy’s.

J: Yeah, because Ed was sweating up a storm while I managed to sail through it. Mind you he had a cold but I can still claim victory over this one. My beef was as Ed described but most of the vegetables was cucumber, but it mingled well with the sauce at the bottom of the bowl which remained edgy yet pleasant. But the half order of handmade dumpling with pork and vegetable inside was flavourful and juicy, just like Ed’s mother makes them.

E: Dare I say they were even better than mom’s? When considering they are made in-house and the noodles specially brought in, I think we have discovered Victoria’s best kept secret. I’m sorry Kuma, but you’ve been ousted.

J: Ox King now tops my list but that means giving one of the five restaurants ranked in my head the ol’ heave-ho. I wouldn’t care so much if it weren’t for the fact Kuma and Sushi Plus are in that top five. I’ve become a loyal follower of both that dispensing with either of thoughts would be like making a mistake in the Yakuza.

5 out of 5 Blokes


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