Get Your Nom Noms with The Cookie Guy

IMG_19261122 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC
Phone: (778) 430-4444

Not too many dessert type shops exist in Downtown Victoria proper. While plenty of chocolatiers are sprinkled around the touristy areas, namely Roger’sOh Sugar and Empire Doughnuts, these companies fills a gap.  There’s other operations I’ve walked by, but am I being picky? I’ve often wondered if other delectable confectioneries will set up shop to sate my sweet tooth.

The Cookie Guy fills in a much needed gap which certainly satisfies my inner cookie monster when that craving comes. Best of all, they make them just like grandma! Even better, they are warm, soft and oh so gooey. Their turnaround is very fast since it is all baked in-store; Honestly, you can not get any fresher than this!

This operation sticks to the basics — classic chocolate chip, oatmeal, raisin, sugar and snicker-doodle — and while I do not see them expanding their range, I’ll certainly come back when that craving hits. They do have a cookie of the week, and this alone has me interested.

For the gluten sensitive, they have a red velvet which uses different ingredients. Even better, this company uses Avalon Organic milk for much of their recipes and sell this product individually. You can dine-in or do take-out. Much like Cartems in Vancouver, I can see this place catering to the late-night crowd should they decide to include evening hours. But for now, during the day and that craving hits, cookies are right around the corner on Blanshard!

5 Blokes out of 5


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