In Search for a Late Night Meal at Pho Vuong

Pho Vuong
622 Fisgard St
Victoria, BC
Phone: (250) 590-7687noodles3

E: Who would have thought Victoria, BC’s Chinatown is fully multi-cultural? By the Gate of Harmony, I can find French, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese dining options, and I’d be hard pressed to say which is better. In a warm summer night around the town, and both James and my hunger were unabated, I let my buddy choose where to go dine.

Enter Pho Vuong, a nice cozy little operation located at the basement floor of a building and it was right next to a Pokéstop! Yes, I’m still playing the mobile game Pokémon GO, but I’m not as hardcore. If there’s opportunities to eat and spin, why not?

J: I was entranced by the traditional Chinese music being played out of speakers attached to the Friendship Gate. It was my first time hearing it and it somehow added to the atmosphere of its location. But for fine dining, there wasn’t much in the way of choice late night. What was comforting to see was families who owned the restaurants or families and their employees sitting down for a good meal. This night had some magic in the air.

E: So while I’m not sure what’s going on in my buddy’s head, I wanted a meal than to reflect on the past.

The won-ton soup we both ordered certainly hit the spot. The vegetable flavoured broth was deliver piping hot! We had to wait for the dish to cool down before really diving in. The variety of veggies offered here did the job. Carrots, broccoli, celery and leeks gave the mostly pork dumplings a great flavour. They were tiny, bite-sized morsels and I could have gone for a second dish.


J: I think it was the first time in a while I had what I would call a feel-good won-ton. This bowl of soup is definitely what the doctor ordered. And to keep it healthy, I ordered a mixed strawberry drink that came with both a straw and spoon (both were used). You may ask why I ordered won-ton in a Vietnamese restaurant (owned by a Chinese family), perhaps it has something to do with being tired with the amount of Vietnamese restaurants in the greater Victoria area or perhaps that Cullis Market in Langford (which has the best Vietnam food) spoils me.

E: The next time, at least for me, I will have to try their Pho Special. If their won-ton is this good, I can only imagine the what else I can add: beef noodle with steak, flank, tendon, tripe and meatballs. I’m surprised tongue is not offered, but I digress. This place has a great variety of dishes to sample, and I can at least say this operation is truly multicultural.

4 out of 5 blokes


One thought on “In Search for a Late Night Meal at Pho Vuong

  1. I’ll have to try this place. Thanks!


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