Blowfish Sushi by the PNE & Fright Nights

Blowfish Sushi
2828 E Hastings St #107
Vancouver, BC

Hours: 11:30 a.m to 9:00pm
Phone: (604) 258-7500

I think the closest I will ever get to eating Fugu, the forbidden fish, is at Blowfish Sushi in Vancouver, BC. I was there last month to partake in Fan Expo Vancouver, and to cap my crazy fun-filled weekend, I had to hit the Fright Nights at the PNE.

I was supposed to meet friends there, but when the Drunk in a Graveyard team arrived into town late, my little voice said, it isn’t going to happen. Instead of feeling down, I said screw it and just enjoy this fair myself and met the devil! If I could sample that said fish that is this diner’s namesake, and let my fates go what may and perhaps my body would be found here at this park, adding to the haunted attraction.

Everything I wish Monster Entertainment’s Fear on the Pier back home could do to make Ogden Point a destination for Halloween was done at the PNE. From actors around the park to heavy use of fog machines made for a cool stroll. The creepy clowns got close, and I loved it!

As for the food, the idea of deep-fried avocado is not one I often see and was not aware of the online raves about this place. I knew I needed a snack before taking on carnival fun. The waitress was friendly and patient as I looked over the menu. The ambiance if more of a modern Tokyo type place than traditional.

A lot of the food offerings are nothing new since I hit a lot of Japanese eateries. I was looking for different fusion flavours; something I have not seen before. In what jumped out at me was the Crazy Buster roll. Tuna, Tobiko, and Cucumber sounded tasty, and it was. The spiciness could have been scaled back. The Sunrise caught my interest too, and I was not blinded to the overwhelming cream cheese or fried yam crisps.

This diner is certainly worth revisiting. The ambiance is more modern Japanese than traditional, and I’m certain it suits the clientele just fine. Even on a quiet Sunday, the operation was busy! For a snack before the PNE on its regular days, it’s one to certainly properly fuel up in instead of the carnival food.

I particularly liked their mackerel. I was wrapped in shiso leaf, which left a peculiar taste which I can get used to. Their eel tasted subpar. Another visit is in order to try the other foods offered here. Their Jungle Roll better has me feeling like Tarzan. Even though I did not have this fusion roll, I was feeling adventurous enough to take on the hair-raising rides.

I challenged myself not only in conquering my fear of heights but also in doing a record number of haunted houses in one night. They can be quick walkthroughs or patrons can take their time to admire the set designs. I was of the latter, and admire the time put into this annual attraction for the Lower Mainland.

Had I arrived earlier, the three hours spent at the playground could have been longer. I got my money’s worth though. I did both roller coaster rides twice and was not disappointed with the lineups being long at Fright Night before Halloween. On the days closer, it was no doubt be packed. Perhaps its time to move? Victoria is cozy and I’m not sure if I’m ready for the bustle of big city life.

3½ Blokes out of 5


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