[Vancouver, BC] Frying Pan Flies Fries & Chicken Fast and Furious

Frying Pan
505 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC 

Hours: 11:00am to 3:00pm
Phone: (778) 927-1477

I make no clucks about it. This hungry bloke is spreading his wings, and when I’m at Fan Expo Vancouver 2018, I’m not interested in those sponsored/recommended stops. This year’s guide had restaurants advertising discounts for going there. One interested me, but I let my nose be the guide. After a long day at this event just how far I have to go for a meal depends on how worn out I feel. Not all of this show’s recommended stops are located conveniently nearby.

As I recall, The corner of West Pender and Burrard used to host Japadog. These days, it’s Frying Pan, a neutral name for what? Well, it’s chicken of course! The portions are perfect for lunch, and one order is enough to fill me up. There must be an oven and deep fryer inside the truck. I found the taste sweet (because of the sauce; I tasted a hint of citrus, a beautiful touch) and the texture not all that crispy hard. The coleslaw addition just made for a beautiful contrast. The chicken meat was not dry, and I feel they can give the Korean Fried format a run for its money.

A joke can be made: why did the chicken cross the road? to avoid being caught and cooked up at this operation.

The fries were perfectly twice fried. The crispness and texture are best tasted on the spot lest it goes cold. My hotel was nearby so I could sit in the lobby (than wait to get to my room many floors up) to nibble on. The staff did not mind, but I’m sure anyone sitting near me left because the scents were taunting them. This lunchtime meal hit the spot, and then some!

I am hoping this operation will last. They have a terrific following already despite being only a few months old. As winter approaches, their hours of operation will no doubt be limited. Either I wait till March for the next Fan Expo or I will make special trips to enjoy the food trucks Downtown Vancouver offers than the expensive diners around the convention center. As nice as they are, not every con-goer is interested. A former bloke, James Shaw always says he can live on Subway sandwiches and I just shake my head. I can’t say the same for myself, as I tend to hit Starbucks for quick bites and a caffeine pick me up.

As for the convention itself, I feel that if the organizers are trying to go for the same level of success as Emerald City Comic Con, they should start working out a deal between the convention center and the local food trucks. To have them sell food at the center will make for a killing!

4 Blokes out of 5


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