Making a Beat to Miku Vancouver

nullMiku Vancouver
200 Granville St #70
Hours: 11:30am – 10pm
Phone: (604) 568-3900

Around the Vancouver Convention Center are plenty of eateries. They range from the cheap with Subway to expensive with Miku. This Japanese restaurant is certainly worth the price, and when I was in town for Fan Expo Vancouver, I can finally answer the question of where to go if money is no object. Normally I don’t fall into this trap of hitting those operations in this area. But with Star Wars in my head and a pang of hunger the size of the moon … those lights staring across the street from me from where I stayed had drawn me in like a mosquito to a flame.

Miku has an excellent location to watch the sunset fall and to nibble on the best sushi in Vancouver! The servers are very friendly and were easy to talk to. I asked where they get most of their fish. Unlike Fudo back home, they don’t import as far and wide. They do source from Japan, but the uni I had was British Columbia than from California. I was told by a patron next to me that some of the best are near Santa Monica. We agreed that this place is one of the very best.

Rice temperature is important to bring the flavours of the fish into balance; the textures of the fish and the fusion of ideas (crispy pesto on shrimp!) make this place a step above the traditional. Quite often, I like to dip my pieces of maki or nigiri into soy sauce to add to the taste. For the first time in ages, I did not have to. I didn’t need to flavour enhance my meal. I had their lesser priced signature selection ($38) over their Aburi ($58) and ordered a side of uni. It’s as close to being from the sea than processed, and my mouth was just simply watering.


Of the sampler plate, I had a sampling of this restaurant’s signature roll and it simply melted in my mouth. All kinds of wonder came across between the combination of tobiko, crab and salmon. The sauce really defined it. It was soft and wonderous. The other pieces I had were sablefish, prawn, amberjack and salmon (which went down smoother than silk).

I even had a soft cocktail. The Little Emporer is a soda. The blueberry and basil over ginger ale is a great combination! The sweet and peppery flavour complimented my dish very well. I love the names of the harder cocktails and next time, I may have to go Miyazaki or Fly to Yama. I’m sold. It’s rare to find drinks and dishes which tickle my fancy, and they sound better than a Purple Haze.

I’m willing to go back to go Aburi (flame-seared) and get my ebi on. They have fritters here! In the menu, the batter is a mix of herb and beer, and that has whetted my appetite for more. I’m glad I made the stop to Miku finally. On the next Fan Expo Vancouver I attend, this place is certainly worth a stop!

5 Stars out of 5


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