A Dippy-Do Da at Dosa Paragon

20190813_175203Dosa Paragon
735 Yates St
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Phone: 778-440-2206

ES: It’s been years since I ventured into the strip mall in between Yates and View. Gone is Hernandez, and there was another mexi place if I recall correctly, but the scents did not entice me to try. Maybe it’s because I needed the flavours of India to do the trick?

Don suggested this place before a movie, and for quick bites, this place certainly does the trick.

DK: Dosa Paragon is no small miracle. This restaurant is, to the best of my knowledge, Victoria’s first Dosa-focused spot ever. In my 16 years here I can only recall one place that ever even had Dosa on the menu (down on Yates by Warehouse); and they shut down years ago.


Dosa Paragon has been open barely a month and already seems way busier than the deceased joint on Yates ever was.

ES: I had a tough time deciding in what I want. All I knew is that after all the spicy goodness I’d have, I’d need ice cream afterwards, no matter what I ordered. But that’s besides the point. The butter chicken was great to fill me up. It was cooked just right, with the all the fillings to get me clucking for a different reason. The heat from the spices. If Don didn’t notice the little smoke signals (fog) developing on my glasses, it was there after the third bite or so.


This won’t stop me from coming back though. I need ma Papadums–or in this establishment’s case, they have Uthappam. The diversity of options will keep me going through the Fall month.

DK: Thank God Ed’s glasses were fogged up — that prevented him from seeing me dip my Dosa in rice pudding like the clueless gora I am.

Thankfully it doesn’t matter how you decide to consume any of the South Indian staples on the menu. Everything is a comfort. I have wasted away 35 years of life not eating sambar and masala dosa every week. I’m exaggerating a little, but come November I will definitely be chasing away the dreary days with a little dosa.

4 Blokes out of 5


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