Give Me a Home with the 10 Acres Bistro

10 Acres Bistro
811 Courtney St
Victoria, BC

Phone: (250) 220-8008
Hours: 11a.m.–11p.m.


I feel home at the range here, at 10 Acres Bistro. Part of their menu change on a seasonal basis, and it makes visiting every once in a while different. When they source straight from the farm, some of what’s offered for meals are on a limited basis. And they arrive at the table all dressed up with only one place to go–my stomach! I find the Fall season offers a lot more delectable delights than the late Winter, but it all depends.

One time I went here was for one of the Victoria Film Festival‘s launch party for their guide. That was years ago and was held at the other side of the venue. That is, including the bar section and The Oyster Bar, I heard it’s all run under the same banner known as The Commons. Another time was for a chance to meet Linda Blair, of The Exorcist fame. I enjoy how different spaces in this venue can be used for any occasion. Normally, it’s a date place; it’s a quiet and cozy environment.

After a late afternoon visit to the Royal BC Museum to see their exhibit on Mayan culture, I was hungry for something either Mesoamerican or go for something with a west coast flair. The exhibit fits into the familiar maze this venue uses, and I enjoyed the techno-style decorations to reveal how complex this culture’s cosmology is. I will have revisit to find Lord Pecal though. The hunt was soon on for food.

Their grilled pacific octopus is succulent, sweet, and juicy. I was not afraid of them trying to fight back, as my shark-sized appetite for that night hungered for seafood. The mix of fresh greens and tender onion made this dish très délicieux. Had the dish been bigger, it would’ve been all I needed to fuel me up after a night out in town. Of course, I had to have a french onion soup too. Between here and Brasserie L’ecole’s choice of cheese topping, I’m sold with what 10 Acres offers. It was smooth and calmed this tender soul.

Their desserts are just as wondrous. It was either the Bailey’s & Chocolate Mousse or their Sticky Toffee Pudding and I opted for the latter since the sorbets added to it was simply over the top. It’s a type of finisher I could doubles if not triples on, but alas, I do not think my dentist would approve. My sweet tooth does get the better of me at times, and if you’re not here for the main course, go for the sweets instead. Just be sure to share with your partner.

4 Blokes out of 5