Is it One Hungry or Two Blokes for Halloween Fun in Victoria, BC?

The Two Hungry Blokes is not gone. I just have to be more devious in my approach to record and later reveal content from James. We still head out to have a random bite from time to time. For a guy who claims he’s leaving the scene, he’s not doing a good job. He still wants to express what he thinks about a restaurant, its service, its decor or the food to me. He simply no longer wants to write about it, which is fine, and I do not have to put my fingers into my ears and say, “la la la,” to ignore him. Instead, I’ll might as well take notes of his thoughts and report it. Yes, I can find workarounds.

In this Halloween guide, he never said I can not repost his list from our other blog here. I present our picks for this year’s local island festivities. Most, I have acquire tickets to, others, I don’t know if I want to take James along anyways. He was a buzzkill (see my report here) when he wanted to join me for the first event on my list. I also have to note for James picks, I went to one and he was nowhere. Did he go phantom on me?
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How to Plan for the Next Nightmare at the Royal BC Museum


Although the Royal BC Museum‘s evening party for this upcoming All Hallow’s Eve is sold out, people interested in this festival will no doubt have to plan far in advance for next year’s Nightmare at the Museum. Interest for this event has been very heavy, and Kim Gough, one of the staff’s event coordinators, reveals that the goal of expanding interest in this archive’s collections in a fun evening event is achieved.

“The best connection that was there for this time of the year seemed to be about the Victorian period’s fixation on dying [in reference to our first event],” said Gough, “Fixation may not be the right word but it was certainly an important part of that culture.”

In previous events, the gallery held a faux Victorian style séance. That was led by actors and they were probably more in line with the Victorian séances that were conducted at the time. There were probably more people out to make some money. While Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, wanted to believe, Harry Houdini was out to disprove the impossible. This escape artist believed any competent magician can muster the illusion. These two frequently clashed over what is truly paranormal.

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