Some Cheesecakes are Lighter when Made by Uncle Tetsu

20220218_180804Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake
1151 Robson St
Vancouver, BC

Hours: Open every day from 10am to 8pm
Phone: (604) 265-4087

The best time to ensure the best selection of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake is to stop by late morning, as they are fresh from the oven. This franchise operation makes a surprisingly fluffy and delectable cake to which I finished two successive days. I doubt it could keep its texture beyond that, but after tasting this delight, it’s a stop I’ll have to make every time I’m in Downtown Vancouver. Sorry Cartems, but I think you’ve been beat out for which sweet cake I like to partake in. Even the various  Beard Papa operations are out as I’ve found the quality inconsistent.

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The Post-Halloween Blues? Thoughts on RBCM’s Night Shift Series and Nov 3 & 4th in #YYJ

IMG_20171028_201614920Post-Halloween, I’m not sure what I want to do next. Thankfully, the season is not over with Last Chance Productions bringing Evil Dead the Musical to town November 3rd and 4th to the Metro Theatre! You can click here to buy tickets. I mentioned them in an article last year about them finally coming to town, and this show is worth revisiting since it’s bloodier than Rocky Horror. As with live theatre, there will always be refinement. It’s not often audiences get sprayed than toss stuff in celebration of a scene in the latter.

Honestly, I should not have to leave my hometown of Victoria, BC to have some spooky fun. Usually, I’m tempted to go to Vancouver so I can enjoy Fright Nights at Playland. With this island community, a few events are more or less going to be the same year-after-year. Sadly, Rocky Horror Show fits under this bill as with slightly different Corn Mazes and variations of the Haunted House to navigate through. To get the route you want on Ghostly Walks requires getting a specific tour guide. What I want to experience are the special one-off’s. This garden city is home to an annual theatre production at Craigdarroch Castle which Launch Pad Theatre Company is doing a great job.

About four years ago, the Royal BC Museum (RBCM) experimented with the idea of making a Night at the Museum style fun and having a party like none other — perhaps inspired the film of the same name. Other museums around the world offer something similar, and they are usually geared for the whole family than adults to enjoy. There are even a few which get a touch academic. The articles I read online about these events often makes me think I should travel to check these other options but I always hold back, hoping my town’s museum can offer something similar. In what I’ve experienced at RBCM’s Night Shift, the organizers do a great job. They also touch up a few of their permanent exhibits to get into the spirit.

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Esquimalt’s Ribfest 2017, Five Years and How to Grow It

IMG_7060Now in its fifth year, Esquimalt Ribfest is growing in popularity and it may well be exceeding the capacity of how many people can be at Bullen park. I finally made it back to this show. For once, I was not ill or down with a sprained ankle. Three years have passed since I was here last, and while nothing much has changed — especially when it’s moreorless the same group of ribbers — I feel changes are needed if it’s to accommodate an ever increasing crowd and be versatile. Grizzly BBQ is a new entrant, but their scents were not enticing as I was letting my nose be my guide for which ribber to hit.

James went on Saturday with a date (he’ll argue otherwise and I was amazed). When he told me, of course I had to ask him for his thoughts so I can provide a summary about this event. He too thought it needs changing. He hoped to get his drinks and meat side-by-side than to hop across the field. I told him that’s how this event has always been, and it’s his fault for not getting his alcohol first and meal second. He arrived during the mad dinnertime hours and lucked out getting in. People were entering in small numbers, equaling those who left. Once inside, he looked at the scary lineups of everyone craving protein and was thankful the time it took to get to the till was not long. He enjoyed the food and wasn’t here to review since he was with his girlfriend. But I grilled him for opinion anyway and he had a lot to say in how space was used. He did give high marks for Gator BBQ‘s beans tho’. He thought it included either honey or molasses.

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Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre needs Outdoor vendors!

The choices of decent food that one can buy at stadium events are often inferior to that of what some nearby diners can offer. Not many arenas have a large dedicated space for a proper kitchen, much less a proper area for cooking gourmet foods for more than one operation. Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium in Vancouver offers great variety while Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria has the Lion’s Den Restaurant upstairs, Ali-Baba Pizza and basic concession downstairs. After attending a few events at this venue over the past few years, I feel disappointed. Is there other snacking options that a picky eater can find? No.

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300 Posts Later …

… and the Two Hungry Blokes are still rolling. If posts are appearing and disappearing, that’s because I’m giving this blog a complete makeover in a quiet time of early Sunday morning, trying to put in consistency in all the articles we’ve written in the past three years (wow, has it been that long now?).  The system is being a pain by deciding a few posts from way back when are being posted today, deleting posts, and rolling back a few articles to an unedited state.

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Victoria’s Best Pizza my Foot!

There won’t be many times where a contest has raised my ire. Jack FM 103.1 has one that’s calling upon their listeners to rate the city’s best pizza as selected by them.

The slices that are in the running are Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak, Pizza Zone’s 420, Oregano’s Pizza & Bistro’s JJ’s Special, Pizza Hut’s The Stuffed Crust, and Palagio’s Pesto Chicken.

I see a huge problem here: why is this radio station including two major corporate players in the list for listeners to choose from? And in what I have to say, I’m most likely opening up a can of worms.

With names like Pizza Hut (to which I’ve had terrible experiences with, including home delivery) or Domino’s (which I never found flavorable), I’d rather eat gummies instead. At least the other places have their own following for the western style kind of pizza.

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