Some Cheesecakes are Lighter when Made by Uncle Tetsu

20220218_180804Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake
1151 Robson St
Vancouver, BC

Hours: Open every day from 10am to 8pm
Phone: (604) 265-4087

The best time to ensure the best selection of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake is to stop by late morning, as they are fresh from the oven. This franchise operation makes a surprisingly fluffy and delectable cake to which I finished two successive days. I doubt it could keep its texture beyond that, but after tasting this delight, it’s a stop I’ll have to make every time I’m in Downtown Vancouver. Sorry Cartems, but I think you’ve been beat out for which sweet cake I like to partake in. Even the various  Beard Papa operations are out as I’ve found the quality inconsistent.

I recall seeing the signs of this operation coming to Metrotown back in 2019. Because of a certain pandemic stopping many plans in 2020, I could not return to see if they were open or not. I’m glad it did not stall this company’s plans to expand downtown; they opened in the early summer of 2020, according to Lindsay William-Ross’ article on Vancouver is Awesome.


2022 marked my proper return to this city proper. I’ve been aware of North Robston Street’s “Japantown” type status, but to spend time in the area also meant having a hotel nearby. After Fan Expo Vancouver, I decided to explore this side of town. 

What makes this place special is the following since this operation’s inception since 1990. The airy quality makes for a huge difference when compared to other bakers take on the classic treat. Depending on the time of day, other flavours can be found. There’ll be a sign to list what’s available and depending on the flavour, like matcha, it’ll go fast!

Visiting this place for the first time was a touch unusual since transactions are handled ATM style. You just tell the clerk behind the till what you want to order and they’ll bring it up for you. The machine in front will take your cash and dispense the change, or you can tap your credit card.

As this city continues to bring in Japanese chains to the fore, I have to wonder if Mister Donut is next? When I was in Japan, I was enamoured with the cutely designed sweets on display. I stopped by this operation to fuel up when I needed my energy. If some entrepreneur can take the name of this operation or other sweet shop from Japan to operate on Vancouver Island, I’ll be waiting in line! As much as I’d like to invest, that’s another story.

4 Blokes out of 5


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