[Seattle, WA] Dethroning the Crawfish King

The Crawfish King
725 S Lane St
Seattle, WA

Hours: 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm.
Phone: (206) 623-3622

Eating too much fried food, as anyone will tell you, is bad for your health. With The Crawfish King, my advice is to be prepared for a lot of exercise in the week after dining here. On one side of the menu is tons of crispy goodness. The basket allows for one main course and two sides (thank god they have soup and salads). On the other, a boil, has a lot of seafood offered up somewhat Louisiana style. I should have gone for that instead. When my plus sized friends love their grease, the smell was almost overwhelming but it gave me an opportunity to try nearly everything this operation offers.

Sadly, the menu does not list prices. Anything from the sea is based on current market value for such goodies as crawfish, shrimp, lobster and etc. It’s easy enough to ask, but was I prepared to pay more than $50 for a meal? Sure, if I was sharing with friends. On my own, I could do it, and have leftovers for the next day. Next time, that will be my plan.

This operation is tucked away at one side of Seattle’s International District. A few unusual items show that this establishment is more about Asian style food than that good ol’ cajun presentation. Yes, I’m in the search for a diner to replace Marcela’s (they closed two years ago), and this operation is not it. The vibe was not right. While it’s clean and neat inside, the outside and location was dead quiet. It’s a place that Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives would consider but I feel Host Guy Fieri would likely pass on. During the time I was there, the service was mediocre.

To see macaroons and a few Asian dishes made me knew this place was more about Asian style cuisine than the other. I may return, but that’s to know I have to spend the money proper for their boils. That’s might be where their food shines than with the grease fest.

The soft shell crab was the highlight. It was fresh and oh so squishy. When offered on top of a bowl of rice, it’d make for a terrific donburi bowl. The fried mushroom was plump, the mozzarella sticks were aloof and the Roti bread offered was crisp. The smorgasbord of deep fry only revealed that this method of cooking will not bring out the proper flavours. With mushroom, there are better ways to deliver the woods to a big city filled with foodies and hungry hungry hippos like me and my friends.

The search goes on. Western Seattle has the Crawfish House and I hope where its situated is better. That way, I won’t feel like I have to have my hand near my Ghost Rider chain to feel safe.

3 Blokes out of 5


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