Oh Sugar! Delivers in time of Crisis

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No it’s not the Crisis of Infinite Earths or anything as big. During this time where many Victorians are self-isolating because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the choice to head out to even satisfy the simplest of cravings is not without some danger. Thankfully, some operations are coming to the rescue! In addition to Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes and Door Dash bringing your favourite meals to you, just what else is there?

We need to support our local small businesses! With reduced sales and no customers coming into the stores, some have decided to change their hours of operations. It’s believed some will not even return at all. Up and along Johnson Street are a bunch of wonderful shops; to satisfy the geek side of me, Curious Comics is offering delivery of their stock, Legends Comics has pick up at their door and a few others are following in the footsteps of the latter operation. The diners here are suffering the most.

“Many along Johnson Street have shut its doors,” revealed Jennifer Douglas and Keith Johnson, the current owner/operators of Oh! Sugar.

When considering their stock has perishables, they made the awesome choice to deliver sweets to most of Greater Victoria and the Western Communities. The cost of transportation is factored in. For $25, you get a grab bag of wonderful delights to sate the sweet tooth! Want to know what I got? I made this video:

And that candy bar I was trying remember is Wunderbar! Those commercials from long ago are memorable, and they are always a treat when I see them in supply at a grocery store. To note, Empire Doughnuts also delivers. They just announced expanding their delivery radius.

BREAKING NEWS: Coming soon from Oh Sugar! is a Japanese and a Harry Potter themed bag. Also considered is nothing but British Sweets.


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