Chestnuts or Peanuts Roasting on an Open Fire?

At the close of winter, I should have chestnuts roasting on an open fire to keep Jack Frost staying outside and not knocking at my door. The current COVID-10 crisis has many restaurants closing early or only offering take out. With many governments encouraging their citizens to stay at home until the situation is in control, yes this foodie review site will have to look into other creative options to continue generating content.

Fortunately, a few restaurants have been visited before the outbreak and they will be published alongside product reviews of snacking options I find at grocery stores; there’s usually something new to discover (especially at Fairway Market) to sample! That’s provided this operation can import them in.

Whether fresh-roasted garlic peanuts can help build my immunity or not, the added flavour will certainly give me a mild garlic breath! When I first discovered Watson Enterprises‘ LJK-Peanuts (Garlic Flavour), it was out of curiousity. When I was in Vancouver, T&T Markets had them in ample supply and buying two bags to return to Victoria with were not enough!

This company joined forces with Hankou No. 2 Soda Factory and formed an international distribution channel based out of Richmond, BC. If you are not familiar with their drinks, that’s because you have not tried one of those pinball soft drinks yet. They make for constant amusement in parties. unless they are tipped a certain way; it seals the bottle and getting the liquid out is tough.

Yes, there are other companies which sell similar, but I’ve had no luck finding them. Plus, there’s no turning back. The recipe consists of mixing star anise, liquorice, Chinese cinnamon and ginger in their infusion and using a cooking process to develop the flavour in the peanuts still in their shell.

When warmed, consuming these peanuts comfort the soul on a chilly night. They are more addicting than the crab roe horse bean this company also offers. This other flavour took days before I developed a liking for them. When considering I enjoy eating sea urchin, it didn’t take long to get accustomed to the brine. A sweet aftertaste follows, and now I can’t stop snacking on either!



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