Designing New Sandwichs with this Card Game!

Disclaimer: A preview copy was sent for review.

If you missed the As You ‘Wich Kickstarter from last month, you can still preorder this hilarious card game from Studio7 Games.

Even wanna be witches can have fun with this game as it is about being creative with the goods (the cards) to create an appetizing sandwich! When considering October is the season of the witch, the fact this game has some gross out ingredients (eye of newt and all that), is certainly perfect for this occasion.

The goal is to construct a sandwich from the options available at the three shops created by the random draw pile or the store piles. Shops “restock” the goods by the ingredients players put there instead of discarding. But at the same time, players can declare a shop closed so none of the goods can be taken.  Fortunately, there are action cards that can reopen the shop, steal from others or expand the options in what to put in that five card sammich.

Once all these stores are closed by the players, then it’s time to sell your product. Players have to name their creation and put on their best used car salesman pitch in why their Jimmy John is the best. On the count of three, the players point at the invention that they like, and they can’t vote for themselves.

This game is great at offering a huge variety of ingredients–meats, buns used, condiments and veggies (to name a few)–to construct from, but if you’re playing with three players, to scale the decks down appropriately is a task. It’s meant to be a party game and I feel it can support up to ten players than the suggested max of eight.

Creators Sanji and Janelle have a great game that goes beyond simply having fun with like-minded friends on a party night. For chefs and cooks stuck on what kind of new fancy sandwich they can craft up for their shop, this game is terrific at being creative, based on the ingredients you have at hand, or however you like to tailor the draw deck.


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