Down by the Harbour w L’Authentique Poutine & Burgers

20210312_175505L’Authentique Poutine and Burgers
1208 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC

Weds to Sat 11am to 7pm

Phone: (778) 432-2444

ES: L’Authentique Poutine and Burgers have new digs! Instead of operating out of Langford during the cold winter months (although it’ll soon be Spring), they have a new space down by the wharf to serve up their tasty French fries and burgers for city residents! They’re well known for their fancy poutines and while I don’t expect them to vary the flavours regularly, I will be back to have their french fries time and time again.

DK: Points for longevity. The minor setback of a fire licking the Langford truck into submission back in 2012 doesn’t seem to have had a long-term effect on L’Authentique’s success. Nearly a decade later and here they are in a prime downtown location. But is it worth lining up 30m-1hour once tourists are back in town?

Not if you stick to the published menu. The bacon cheeseburger is reminiscent of an A&W Teen Burger, and the cheese curds in the poutine are squeaky as expected. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for a satisfying enough meal, but I wouldn’t brave tourist crowds for it. 

20210312_175633There is, however, a growing “secret” menu that is potentially exciting. L’Authentique’s Facebook page shows photos of creton and pouding chomeur–Quebecois favourites that aren’t exactly easy to come across in Victoria.

ES: Yes, I agree, they may well start to cater more to the tourist crowd when travel is allowed into our beautiful garden city. It won’t be this year according to reports–cruise ships can’t dock and the only way to arrive is by car and lying to border patrol about intent. But I digress.

At least the thought of tasting chomeur has sugar plum fairies dancing over my head. I’d be there faster than Dancer and Prancer, or Comet and Blitzen if I knew in advance what days they have this dessert on the menu.

I also see that they are slowly offering new tastes, but as for the mushroom burger I had, it’s not as squeaky. At $8 per burger (or $12 the more toppings), I’d be begging for handouts like J. Wellington Wimpy does in order to keep one in hand. One is not enough!

DK: I agree with Ed; the burgers are on the smaller side. Forego sides and you’re going to need double burgs to fill yourself up. Or at least double patties (which isn’t a menu option, but presumably is available on request). 


My previous Teen Burger taste comparison is because of L’Authentique’s condiment mix: ketchup, relish and mustard. Familiar tastes for those who prefer a Trad-Rock meat and bun melange. Not much more to say on this one. Ed, what is your final verdict!

ES: They’re average fixins in a strip that’s more for tourists to be at than locals.

Although I braved a few trips by bus to the Western Communities, going there was like trying to tame the Wild West. It’s a long ride getting there and back, and no pals from the area was willing to join me. They know it’s good. The meals I had were tasty,

On a warm day, I’ll be visiting this new prime location for their poutine. My tip is to look at their Facebook page first, to know what they have planned, before rolling down the river. They’re wonderful when eaten fresh off the fryer, hot and crisp. Everyone knows they’re never as good cold, the only disadvantage of their location since it’s next to the water.

As for their burgers, I can make better at home.

3½ Blokes out of 5



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