It Isn’t Possible to “Black Ball” A Taiwanese Dessert Cafe Going Canadian

berries759 Yates St
Victoria, BC

Wed-Sun 10 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.


Black Ball Taiwanese Dessert Cafe was once a Taiwanese operation, but they’ve franchised out! With a few outlets in Canada–one in Downtown Victoria I knew I had to eventually to visit this place. It was odd they were setting up shop last year, at the start of the pandemic.

For takeout frosty desserts, it’s best to live near the area instead of doing take-out for consumption at home. The ice treats can melt fast. The drinks are a lot more enjoyable while strolling down the walkway along the Inner Harbour, or towards the bridge.

Thankfully, Grass Jelly or ‘Xian Cao’ doesn’t melt. This popular dessert known throughout Southern Asian is just that, and there’s a difference between store bought and what this operation offers. In my case, I had a mango shaved ice treat. It quickly melted while I was at the venue; I needed something mildly sweet and since it was one of the healthier choices on the menu–with oats and bananas–I thought I was having breakfast late at night than anything else!

This place is worth revisiting when restaurant restrictions lift. I’d rather have my treat here, and the space is very large to accommodate long lineups. But if you want a bubble or a cheese tea, they have those too!

3½ Blokes out of 5


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