How to Do the Victoria Fringe Festival In-Person & Online 2021 Edition

Purple peacock with a watercolour design on a yellow background, with Victoria Fringe logo.Victoria Fringe Festival
Runs August 13 to Sept 24

The Victoria Fringe Festival is changing things up in its return late Summer. It’s hard to say if this pandemic will ever go away, but everyone wants to stay safe, and the organizers are changing up their event so that is can also operate with online and in-person events. The fun starts August 6th and runs more than a month-long! Their schedule is live and online to view.

Topping the list of what can be viewed from home is MIMI The Gourmet Cat, by the Mochinosha Puppet Company, which will be part of the Fringe KIDS livestream. More details about this particular show be found online on the show website.

The following are my quick picks in what to check out. The links go to further information, including in-person shows, and how to buy tickets.


Victoria, BC

All Ages
Written/Created by: Sasha Moriarty-Schieven

A musical journey through wonderland as Alice tries to find a way to stop time and freeze her life exactly as it is. This original work with music adapted from many sources is performed entirely by children and youth and is suitable for all audiences.

Rod Peter Jr ( age 4 ) dressed as Batman on October of 1989, standing next to his Batman bed. He thinks he is cool, but is not.

I’M BATMAN: 89–97

Victoria, BC

All Ages
Written/Created by: Rod Peter Jr

From the creator of Kitt & Jane comes the tale of growing up wanting to be Batman whilst at the same time recreating all four films from 89–97!

Elemental: An Original Musical

Victoria, BC

All Ages
Written/Created by: Emma Sainte-Marie, Paris Iverson, Evelyn Hawes, Anonymous

Since the beginning of time, each object in the universe has been created by one of the Four Element Goddesses: Earth, Water, Air, or Fire… however, this time, all Four Element Goddesses were sent to create the new planet. The Goddesses will need to fight to prove that their element is the most suitable, in order to be the creator of this planet. Will they be able to figure out how and why this new planet could be unique and special? Through original music and dialogue, the characters of “Elemental” will explore themes of understanding, collaboration, and friendship.

The Shadow in the Water

The Shadow in the Water

Victoria, BC

Adult Themes, Violence
Written/Created by: David Elendune

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO GO BACK TO THE THEATRE, multiple Victoria Fringe award-winners: Ian Case, David Elendune, & Wendy Magahay return with this highly personal & poignant tale of love, loss, & sharks… For where would we be without our monsters — Trapped someplace north of Hell, but south of Heaven — Where light breaks bread with darkness.

Batman in the Park

Victoria, BC

All Ages
Written/Created by: Kara Flanagan Comedy

Broke, homeless and his acting career in the toilet, Batman books Hamlet in Shakespeare in the Park. Like Hamlet, Batman faces his greatest enemy, his own fear — and Bane, determined to unseat Batman’s role. Will he survive the role? Stay tuned…

Two ghostly figures look on. Behind them are a peony lantern, a gramophone, and a early 20th century passenger liner.

The Peony Lantern | 牡丹燈籠

Kanagawa, Japan

Adult Themes Ghost Story
Written/created by: The Ensemble

A man with a secret arrives during the annual festival of the dead. He falls in love with a young woman who may also be more than she appears. The Peony Lantern is a multimedia performance staged in the World Peace Theatre in Kawasaki, Japan.


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