Popeye’s Not So Flattering Victoria Opening

Popeyes Logo With Symbol 2019.svg1646 McKenzie Ave
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00pm, daily
Phone: (778) 265-6599

It seems nearly every fried chicken junkie in Victoria, BC is in love with Popeye’s. Ever since it opened mid December, there have been regular lineups throughout the day. I considered joining that but ultimately, it’s not worth the wait to get inside. A few months in, those lines are almost gone but it’s not enough to get me standing outside in the cold. Until more operations open up around town to reduce the wait time to get in, when the snack food craving hits, I’m only touching the chicken.

Their buttermilk battered cluck sandwiches are tasty enough because of the mild dill pickle slices included, but as for seafood, they should be removed from the menu! I’m thinking of their fish and shrimp combo. It was dry and uninspiring. I only found one when compared to the alleged two (according to their picture menu) and was insulted. I didn’t think of photographing it at the time, but that memory is enough to have me warn others about what to buy here. This runt wasn’t worth the $8 paid for. It was barely two inches long, and nor was it crispy or big enough to be sold. When compared to what I can get at a proper fish and chip operation, I’d rather go elsewhere.

I doubt this franchise is a reflection of southern fried cooking and setting up shop here wasn’t the smartest of ideas. As far as “Louisiana” fast food goes, I’d be more inclined to hit a proper diner and get me a few po‘ boys to sate my appetite. Their biscuits are nice, but it isn’t worth the wait in line for.

This operation in Tuscany Village is currently the only operation running in Victoria, BC, and they are only competing with Korean Fried Chicken operations other than Kentucky. Only one operation remains. Whoever invested into this franchise knew to locate as far away from them as possible. The nearest two, Pelicana and Bistro Chi-Q are about six blocks away and I’d rather head there to get my crispy fried. The only thing stopping me is with the inconvenient hours of operation.

2 Stars out of 5


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