Can the Golden Duck Brand Make It Rich?

Golden Duck Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps/ Potato Ridges/ Tempura ...There’s a new snack food that’s come to North America, and I had to ask which Golden Duck tastes better? Their Gourmet Salted Egg Fish Skin crunchy crisps or Singapore Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura. 

Both are very pricey when considering the volume per bag (102grams), but if I wanted more, to shell out nearly $12 CAD per bag is a deterrent. It’s three times the price of chips. Not everyone will want to purchase, much less believe they’re made with real ingredients.

I’m siding with the Chili crab, if the labelling is to be believed. The taste of this crustation is definitely there. It’s almost overpowered by the heat and crispness. The fish skin does not differ from the other Irwin brand and both are expensive. When compared to the bulk packages found at grocery stores in Chinatown, both Golden Duck and Irwin are significantly tastier with the added flavouring. 

But they have more than just these two. Had I seen the other package, Tom Yum Goong (Lotus Roots, Oyster Mushrooms and Shrimp Chins), I’d be willing to challenge them all.

Both products are available for purchase online directly from the manufacturer and at your favourite import food seller. I can’t justify buying a box just for some savings, no matter how much I like this new product. However, for the casual Asian food snacker, beware what the duck reaps, as to have enough to satisfy a regular craving will require giving up your golden nest egg.


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