All’s Welly in Port Angeles, Ice Cream and More!

20221009_160104Welly’s Real Fruit Ice Cream
115 E Railroad Ave
Port Angeles, WA

Hours: (Closed Tues)
12:30 AM to 8:30 PM daily

While I’m not sure how well this ice cream parlour stays afloat when the weather is wet, there’s always room for this delight any time of the year! Welly’s is popular because they offer a dairy-free version. It’s not strange at all that Lillie and Jacob, the proprietors, took up residence in Port Angeles. Part of it may well be due to how similar it is to New Zealand. As explained from the company web page, the woman discovered how the Kiwi love making their ice cream and decided to take the idea home to set up shop here. This also includes buying the proper equipment to provide an authentic grind.

The milk trickling down the ridges and the taste of freshly blended fruit made my taste buds do the hula. The fact some fruit was kept chilled and was then crushed gave the ice cream an extra texture.

Interestingly, this operation started as a food truck. But after proving how popular they are to locals, they opened up an indoor operation too! That way, patrons don’t have to be outside during the Fall and Winter months to enjoy some Wellys. On the day I visited last month, it was very warm and I’m guessing there were twenty people and that lineup nearly extended out the door.

Thankfully, the wait wasn’t long since I was worried if I’d make my sailing home. I visited Port Angeles since I wanted to spend my birthday week in style (if not a weekend late) and to enjoy Crabfest. Black Ball Ferry reduces their sailings during the busy stormy season, but in the warmer days, it’s increased so those wanting to spend a day in Port Angeles can have at least four hours over the 90 minutes. This operation also caters too, so the owners can stay busy year-round.

But it’s over the warmer days when visiting this small town is a must. I think I’ll have to make visiting a routine just for some Wellys. And as for what else one can do, there are a lot more offerings during the Spring/Summer season for those who like hiking, exploring and delving into this town’s historic past.

5 Blokes out of 5


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