Limey, There’s A Lotta Sweets Here!

Limey Store FrontLimey, The British Shop
515 Chatham St, Unit 101, Victoria, BC
Phone: (778) 432 4620

1882 Dayton St, Kelowna, BC
Phone: (236) 420 4620


While I don’t recall when the Old English Sweet Shop closed its doors, this fixture from my younger days was my go-to place for my Jelly Babies. Every once in a while, when I have that craving or I want something else from across the pond, I’d always prefer to visit locally run operation that hows what to import in. And it seems not every sweet shop in town is built to last. The last time I was in Oak Bay, I forgot about Sweet Delights ceased operations–perhaps a result of the pandemic.

While I’m glad a few grocery stores in town like Fairway has a few items, I want my jelly babies in a white bag like The Doctor keeps them in. This time traveller helped introduce me to UK sweets, and from there, that’s how my belly became so jolly. Thankfully, there’s Limey to take over! And they also acknowledge why the TARDIS is important, since it’s painted onto one of their doors.

What they offer is more than British sweets, but also a few grocery items, which include oak smoked bacon from the Kelowna-based English Sausage Company (though it’s called sausage on the package) to pastries and assorted jams along with other flavourful toppings for your breakfast! I could have gone hog wild stocking up here for my next morning meals–the succulance of the said pork was divine–but I was here for a different mission.

Limey - TARDIS Door

I was after British candy to send to my friend to enjoy. I also wanted a treat for myself this coming Easter. They got an enormous lot of Cadbury sweets of all types, Galaxy counters and Maltesers Bunny. They have McVities Gold, a brand I’m unfamiliar with, and as for the jelly babies–I wasn’t looking, but I’m sure they come packaged in the boxes rather than dispensed from a bulk bin.

My eyes went wide-eyed when I saw they have a few Irish imports, and I had to try the tiny sized bags of Tayto crisps. The beef and onion had my taste buds salivating, and while some of these unusual flavours may pop up under other brand names, I’m not often interested. That’s mostly because the thought of cucumber as a chip doesn’t work. I also noticed Limey will never be in short supply of Walkers too!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the selection as I walked around the space. The variety, even though it’s mostly Cadbury since they’re the reigning confectioner, is spectacular! Also, I love how the lime green walls match the name of the operation. Although the area is off the beaten track when compared where the tourist shops are, it’s worth the hustle towards the ol Capital Iron block where they’re located. I’m sure once that store re-opens, the area will be revitalised. Just don’t use the pay for parking lot next to here! There’s currently no meter and not everyone has the third-party app to make payments with.

Anyone visiting for the first time should know their storefront is on Store Street, rather than the address listed in the phone book. Despite all the prior words I’ve said about Victoria’s Chinatown becoming more like an International District, what’s offered is still worth wandering the adjacent blocks for.

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