Limey, There’s A Lotta Sweets Here!

Limey Store FrontLimey, The British Shop
515 Chatham St, Unit 101, Victoria, BC
Phone: (778) 432 4620

1882 Dayton St, Kelowna, BC
Phone: (236) 420 4620


While I don’t recall when the Old English Sweet Shop closed its doors, this fixture from my younger days was my go-to place for my Jelly Babies. Every once in a while, when I have that craving or I want something else from across the pond, I’d always prefer to visit locally run operation that hows what to import in. And it seems not every sweet shop in town is built to last. The last time I was in Oak Bay, I forgot about Sweet Delights ceased operations–perhaps a result of the pandemic.

While I’m glad a few grocery stores in town like Fairway has a few items, I want my jelly babies in a white bag like The Doctor keeps them in. This time traveller helped introduce me to UK sweets, and from there, that’s how my belly became so jolly. Thankfully, there’s Limey to take over! And they also acknowledge why the TARDIS is important, since it’s painted onto one of their doors.

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The Victoria Downtown Public Market Society prepares for Winter….

The Eat Here Now Victoria Harvest Food Festival at Spirit Square came and went last month, and in my brief time there, I found a dozen restaurants offering some delicious tastes. The Canoe Club stole the show with their octopus kabobs and the Island Chefs’ Collaborative salmon and wild mushroom fare was enough to sate my appetite for the early afternoon.

I had a few other tastes, but none of them really stood out except for these two. At the ICC table were various kinds of fungi, and part of me was disappointed in that I wasn’t able to sample the cauliflower mushrooms—a rarity which is tough to find even in Red Cellar Market. There was some being bbqed up, but timing is everything. I had a morel mushroom, which was a taste I was already familiar with.

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Stop the Heart Attack, I Want To Get Off

(250) 382-8282

In a very windy holiday season, both James and I needed some warm liquid to keep our spirits up. The Fairmont Empress’ Festival of Trees was a decent diversion, but after the Dutch Bakery, I was still feeling hungry.

We headed to the aptly named James Bay Tea Room and Restaurant because it was all James’ fault. Really, it was. I’ve never felt so full afterwards because this place served more than just teas.

J: This was another of my “heard of it but never tried it” trips. After going Dutch I was in the mood for familiar UK surroundings. The James Bay Tea Room recently refurbished their dining area. I can see why people come here. It’s very cozy. The place is decorated with photos of various members of the royal family. Royal memorabilia adorned shelves that spanned much of the dining room.

During this festive season, the tea room took liberties with the hanging of mistletoe above the front entrance. It says too much when even elderly women won’t sneak me a Christmas kiss.

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