Sometimes It’s Tough to Rate Victoria’s Favourite–Floyd’s Diner

Inside Floyd's DinerMultiple Locations 
Victoria, BC

Hours: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Daily
Phone: (778) 440-1200

In Victoria, BC, Floyd’s Diner has been a mainstay since the start of the century. Although the original location on Quadra and Yates closed down (it’s become a poke salad lounge according to Google), I’m glad they have other locations to keep going at. Regulars come her for the ambience. You can feel it with all the vintage and pop culture decor that decorates the place. And the vibe you feel from entering is what defines the experience. The staff are very friendly, and as for what to eat, not many appetites are prepared for the Mahoney!

This meal can be anything. It’s described as whatever the cooks want to whip up! Pictures from their website show just how innovative and huge they are. And the pricing reflects that. It’s not so much about whether this meal can be finished in a sitting, but if you’re willing to gamble! If you flip a coin and call it right, you pay double the price, otherwise it’s a free meal! Or to be fair, one can just pay the listed price which is $23.95! 

As much as I’d like to take that on, I’m not always the gamblin man’. On a nice day, I visited the Langford operation (721 Station Ave) with a buddy, and it’s a big place! I’ve been to the original, and I’m sure this other location is at least 1.5 times bigger. When we got seated, I admired the decor. It’s everything I recall and more.

Floyd's Diner - The Monte Cristo

As for the fixins, I opted for the Monte Cristo sandwich and it can be made on three kinds of bread; although I’m not a rye man, my friend and waiter somehow convinced me that it’s the best combo to go for. While I agree, healthwise, I still prefer sourdough. I don’t mean to be dour but I felt conflicted. Although that lunch was very satisfying, I should’ve stuck to my guns. As the side to accompany this meal, I stole a few fries from my friend’s plate to rate: they were thick cut than thin. I’m sure I could’ve asked for how I like ’em, but alas peer pressure! They at least had a good crisp. At least the salad that came with my meal was very fresh, and the Bugs Bunny in me was very happy.

I could make it a mission to visit all the operations around town to see if I can taste the differences. Honestly, it’s not needed. They have to maintain a standard that Petr Prusa, the owner and founder, established. I applaud him for making sure his operation managed to weather the pandemic storm. While other places went under, they’ve managed to expand! When all their buildings are painted pink, Floyd’s Diner is hard not to miss!

3½ Stars out of 5


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