[Seattle, WA] How to Feast (or rather get Drunk) at Skål Beer Hall!

Ed and the Tree of Life5429 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, Washington

Hours: Weds, Fri-Mon
from 12 PM to 11:00 PM
Phone: (206) 829-9615
Website: https://www.skalballard.com/

ES: The next time I return to Skål Beer Hall and have friends with me, we’re either tackling the Roast Pheasant or Chicken! Don and I were talking about visiting Seattle for a long time, and all I knew during our discussions is that this place was #1 on my list. Even though we didn’t fully feast like a Viking, to be a karl to an Jarl (Earl) is fine by me. For starters, what we were delighted about was enough to satisfy the appetites of youths.

Yes, I have to bring up How to Train Your Dragon for comparison (well the animated one versus the book), Don was Hiccup to me being like Fishlegs (being stouter), but were we able to make a dent at attacking the Njord Bord? What say you, Don?

DK: Now is where I insert a witty riposte to Ed’s characterization of me as Hiccup. But, having not seen the film or read the books, I’ll just assume Hiccup is a charming and intelligent sidekick.

Don and the NordMoving on to something I know only slightly more about: Duck Hearts! This was our first appetiser, and also my first time sampling duck in heart form. I found it less greasy and more gamey than say a leg. Tastier too. The offering at Skal is dusted in Hunter’s spice (which in this case seemed to be mostly salt and pepper). This was a great snack with a pleasing flavour that excites your senses rather than overpower them.

ES: He’s the lead actually, so Don’s the hero here! We knew that this delectable part of the heart would be the highlight of our meal. I also had a venison skewer, and while it was drenched in a lot of horseradish sauce, I wouldn’t say neigh for more. Even had their mushroom soup, which had everything I wanted to bulk me up! The fried chickpea flavour was the highlight!

As for the rest, we were torn from ordering individual meals or doing the Njord Bord, which claims to serve two or more people. I’d say one and a half. Between all the tasty parts, I’m sure we’d be fighting over the pickled herring!

There are other parts too, like the lox and mussels, but what I was truly here for was the mead. Sorry Tugwell Creek, but between what this operation sources from to yours, there’s no going back! I’d gladly visit this beer hall on a weekly basis just to sample all the various fruity flavours and then some! What Oppegaard Meadery makes tasted far superior, and yes I’d want to be buried with a bottle of Pears of Idunn (a very smooth drink) by my side (along with my woodland spirit stuffed doll collection).

The Nord Board in Full

DK: I would have tossed Ed into a dragon’s lair for a bigger share of the Njord Bord’s pickled herring. Perhaps I benefited from my own low expectations for herring, but man was it a showstopper. The jujube like texture was fantastic and the flavour not overbearing. The smoked mussels with mustard were similarly enjoyable. As was the lox. The smoked trout dip was the only Bord item that bored me. It left me pining for the Salmon Mousse from Vancouver’s Salmon n’ Bannock. I think the trout dip was the only item we didn’t finish at Skal. And it’s not because we were bursting at the seams–we went for pie afterwards.

ES: We were certainly still hungry after our value priced meal. I have to agree with Don about the trout. It wasn’t as good as we both hoped. Although our dessert plans were set, we opted for a beautifully warmed soft pretzel that I didn’t think was a Nordic thing. Germanic yes, and as for how closely related these peoples are, that’s something for historians and anthropologists to debate than me.

3½ Blokes out of 5


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