Where’s the Beet with the Bear and Joey?

20221113_112508Bear and Joey
1025 Cook St
Victoria, BC 

Hours:  Daily from 9am to 2pm
Menu: bearandjoey.ca
Phone: (250) 590-9193

ES: My big question regarding the popular diner, Bear and Joey, is where’s the Australian influence? On the late Sunday morning when Don and I arrived there for a bite, it was busy! I thought about doing reservations, and probably should’ve since there’s a few menu offerings not on the take out. It seems that rain or shine, patrons will flock here for a warm meal

DK: Ed and I both knew an Aussie aesthetic was part of this operation’s pitch, but nothing stood out as culturally unique after our initial visit. Bear and Joey owner Peter Cook, a native of Sydney, Australia, described Australian cafe culture as “coffee every morning and a simple breakfast grab-and-go” in a 2020 interview with Victoria News. 

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Going Down Under …

Moose’s Down Under Bar & Grill
Basement 830 West Pender St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 683-3300

What can you do when a ‘koo is angry and about to give chase? Well, I’m not Steve Irwin and God bless his soul, I hope he’ll forgive me for what I did. I ate Skippy. Okay, that dated television show was before my time, but I’ve caught the occasional episode as I was growing up and my fascination with Australian life does not end there. In fact, I may have to go to that country and make it my permenant residence when considering how friendly everyone was at Mooses Down Under.

With rugby playin’ on the big screen, I thought why not. Watch a bit of the sport while snacking on a ripe ol’ salad and munching on one of this country’s indigenous marsupials. No it isn’t a koala, but I do have to wonder if that’s an animal protected by the World Wildlife Federaton. They’re far too adorable and that’s one creature I will refuse to touch on a dinner plate.

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