Come What May To Blue’s Bayou

Blue’s Bayou Cafe
899 Marchant Rd.
Brentwood Bay
Central Saanich, BC
(250) 544-1194

J: Ed would make Jim Davis proud because when I gave him his wake up call, one could tell he hated Mondays, or mornings or even Monday mornings. Whatever the reason it was time to get his arse out of bed because our plans involved travelling outside our comfort zone via Victoria Regional Transit System (that’s stretch limos for blue collar workers). I admit I’ve grown a little tired of seeking out restaurants in downtown Victoria or the areas nearby (i.e. Oak Bay). Sure there are many interesting places to dine but seeing as how I’ve been doing this gig for quite some time it was only fair to seek out food establishments in the further reaches of Vancouver Island. And on this particular morning that place was Blue’s Bayou Cafe in Brentwood Bay.

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