Almost Home on the Range with Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub

Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub
7806 East Saanich Rd
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11am to 11pm, Sun to Sat
Phone: (250) 652-1575

The Prairie Inn is one of those cozy out of the way places for good bites to fill you up! I’ve been here a few times with pals who live in this Brentwood Bay area. They heartily recommend it, but with my critical tastes, it’s hard to say what’s worth ordering every time.

Plus, when this operation is older than me and has their faithful clientele, it’s tough to beat that reputation. I see that they keep up with the traditions of themed nights for every day eats. Although, with the season, the ambience is says it all more than the bites. I’m fairly sure the building is also haunted, and I’d love to return on a paranormal expedition!

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Evil Acres offers Delightful Frights

1607035_386482928176879_630313543971803379_nfrom 7 to 11pm daily
continues to Nov 1st
10375 Wilson Rd.
North Saanich, B.C.

Travelling down a dark and lonely road can be a terrible experience. Imagine getting lost, or finding yourself at a decrepit barn and your vehicle is low on gas. Let’s suppose everything is silent but that house you need to approach is the only place to find a phone so you can call a tow truck. You’re damning your cell phone because there’s no reception out in the countryside. Evil Acres has the potential to be just that if only …

The sad truth with some haunted attractions is that the producers are usually wanting to deliver a carnival style experience. I’d love to visit a haunted asylum aka Grave Encounters but that may not be coming for some time. To enter a haunted house when no one else is there is typically more terrifying. I can only imagine entering it with a few friends in search for something — like a treasured baseball with Miguel Cabrera‘s autograph that got tossed in there by an annoying nephew — but its labyrinthine corridors and odd reeking smells is suggesting otherwise.

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Come What May To Blue’s Bayou

Blue’s Bayou Cafe
899 Marchant Rd.
Brentwood Bay
Central Saanich, BC
(250) 544-1194

J: Ed would make Jim Davis proud because when I gave him his wake up call, one could tell he hated Mondays, or mornings or even Monday mornings. Whatever the reason it was time to get his arse out of bed because our plans involved travelling outside our comfort zone via Victoria Regional Transit System (that’s stretch limos for blue collar workers). I admit I’ve grown a little tired of seeking out restaurants in downtown Victoria or the areas nearby (i.e. Oak Bay). Sure there are many interesting places to dine but seeing as how I’ve been doing this gig for quite some time it was only fair to seek out food establishments in the further reaches of Vancouver Island. And on this particular morning that place was Blue’s Bayou Cafe in Brentwood Bay.

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Fine Dining at the Chalet

Today’s installment comes from our guest writer, Michael Allen, the webmaster of 28 Days Later Analysis, an informative website dedicated to news and reviews in the independent horror entertainment scene.

Deep Cove Chalet
11190 Chalet Road
West Saanich, BC

(250) 656-3541

The French-styled Deep Cove Chalet has been a fine dining experience along the west coast for over forty years. It is run by married couple Pierre & Bev Koffel. Lunch and dinner are served between Wednesday and Sunday, with the summer season offering courses on the beautiful deck, overlooking the water.

The complimentary fresh poppy seed bread and cold bottles of water helped clean the palette as we anticipated new tastes. This dining occasion was a birthday celebration and the co-owner, Bev, provided chocolate truffles for Mercia. The smiles were genuine and the service was delivered on a very high level of professionalism and care.

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